The Perfect YouTube Banner Size, Dimensions, Format & Tips

Social media creates impact and impression of oneself to the world. It is rightly said that-

First Impression Lasts!! 

In this article I am going to lay out all the important information related to YouTube banner size and other related information.

A You tube banner should be in a way that it attracts the audience and compel them to see your work. It is going to be your channel image. It works similar to brand advertisement, which depicts brand message. In case of Youtube channel, banner creates that image. Remember the last time you went to a book store, and you randomly chose a book? Yes, this was either because of the title or majorly because of strong visuals.

A You tube banner is similar to the strong visuals on the outer cover. It should attract the people making them curious to know what’s inside. You tube has become a medium of business in wide varieties of fields. People spend hours of their time on you tube. So the obvious fact is that there is a lot of content and its important that your content should stand out from the rest. Therefore, a creative and attractive banner with strong visuals is a must.

You Tube Banner Size 

There are certain nuts and bolts needed in the creation of your banner. It needs a lot understanding of images , size and other things. Lets see to the guidelines:-

  • Recommended Banner Size  –  2560 x 1440 Pixels
  • Minimum Image Dimensions  – 2048 x 1152 pixels
  • Minimum Image safe area for text and logos- 1546 x 423 pixels
  • Maximum Image Width- 2560 x 423 Pixels
  • File Size Limit – 6MB

You tube Art Size 

First question that arises is that why there are multiple sizes? The answer to it is that people use different modes of applications ranging from laptops to mobiles & from androids to iphones. You tube banner should look in the same way irrespective of the mode of application. What looks good in a mobile view may not make sense on the large screen. One thing that can help us escape this problem and that is the “identification of safe area”

Safe area is defined as-

the minimum area you need to ensure that your banner displays correctly.

Now the question arises why is it so much important? The major reason is that it should not look awkward and unprofessional. Otherwise it can make you lose views as well as subscribers. The banner should be creative and effective, for which you can see various examples like- Food Insider, Go Pro, etc.

Process Of Uploading You Tube Channel Art- 

  • Create your you tube account. If you already have one then sign in to it.
  • To the right of you screen, click on thumbnail
  • Click on ‘Your Channel’
  • Chick anywhere on the given banner area.
  • Drag the image from the computer.
  • You will see a preview of you tube banner that will appear in different devices.
  • Click on “select” once you have finalized the image and are happy with it.

Art Size Format 

Whenever you try to create a you tube banner, make sure about the format. It should not cross 2MB. Also, it should be saved in JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP format.

Useful Tips 

  1. It is important to optimize the you tube banner for mobile operators. Do not publish it until its properly tested on all modes of operation.
  2. The banner can be changed as may times as you wish. Usually the banners are changed as soon as you reach any kind of milestone. For example- Reaching certain number of views or subscribers; dropping a new series; extending the zone; introducing new range of products etc.
  3. You can add texts to the banner, if you wish to do so. It is noticed that a lot of creators have used their handle names, genre and other such texts to gain the attention.
  4. If it is not created within the given guidelines. There are higher chances either you tube will not approve it or the aesthetics will not work in your favor.
  5. It acts like a bulletin board to your brand. Hence, it should express the brand message very clearly or should enhance its image.

If you’re creating a you tube channel for the first time, follow all the guidelines. In addition to a creative and impactful banner, add a convincing introduction with all your videos.

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