What is Surface, Deep and Dark Web?

The Internet is spacious with millions of web pages, databases, and servers all run 24 hours a day. Although the allegedly visible Internet (surface web or open web) sites that can be searched using search engines like Google and Bing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Different terms are surrounding the non-visible Web, but it’s worth knowing how they differ if you’re intending to browse off the hidden path.

The Internet appears unending, and no one can prognosticate its dimensions perfectly. The common people presume that Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft, Instagram and many other sites found via Google search engine sums up what is now known as the Internet, nonetheless, this is untrue. It is only the surface web part of the internet.

Most utmost internet users operating online as the Surface Web, which aggregates less than 5 % of the whole web content. The surface Web is only the top of the big iceberg.

Surface Web


surface web

The surface web is that part of the internet that is visible to us. Many internet users think that the surface web is the entire internet because it is visible to us that covers a small portion of the internet now which we are using.

We have to assume that the whole web is an iceberg and the surface web is only the tip of it which covers only the 5% of the web and the remaining web is under the water.

Normal public access browse websites via Browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! They found websites that are indexable by search engines and easily found like “.com” “.in” or “.org”. 

Search engines crawl through the web for indexing database creation. When the crawler finds a new webpage it follows all hyperlinks.

Then the result is sent back to the global search result index and all website results are not shown only trusted and reputable domain name websites showed first according to ranking.

Crawling is the process of travelling the web like a spider. The surface web is that part of the internet that is indexed by search engines.

Deep web


Deep web

The deep web constitutes approx. 90% of the iceberg that we have imagined. The deep web is known as the hidden web. It is not indexable by search engines. This hidden web is so huge that is it is impossible to find how many websites and webpages are present there, Also how many websites are active at one time is impracticable.

Deep web also comprises the portion of darknet also. We dont need any kind of software to browse deep web . It includes everything from private database to academic journals, and cloud storage also comes under deep web. it also contains banned or unlawful content like many people download pirated movies and content from websites like pirate bay or other torrent websites. 

Google patent is one of the best example of deep web services where anyone can research patents all over the globe.

Google scholar is one the best example of Deep web where we can search articles, reserach papers, theses and books, court opinions etc. from various academic publishers, online repositories, professional societies, universities and other websites.

The major portion of Deep web is considered safe & legal.

Most of the web pages kept hidden from the open web for privacy and protection of user information like banking account details, Private databases of organisations, emails and social media accounts details, legal files and medical files like health insurance policies information. 

The larger part of Deepweb includes intranet (Networks of government, banks and organizations etc.) and Databases (Private and public files collection which can only be searched within the database because it is not connected to other areas of the web).

Dark web



The dark web is the deepest layer of the web. Darknet websites are non-indexable requires specific software or browser to access the dark web like Tor browser. 

Darkweb is smaller than the surface web. Google and other search engines will never show dark webpages when you search because no web page indexing.

Darkweb URLs are unique so it is difficult to identify them. It somewhat looks like this- http://3g2upl4pq6kfc4m.onion 

Darknet access by Tor browser so it hides user identity while accessing it.

Silk road is was present in the darknet for drug selling it was an online black market but the FBI says that it was banned by them and is not active currently.

Most of the Darkweb websites are loaded with malware so it will infect our computers. The reputation of the darknet is that its name always associated with illegal activities like drug dealing, weapon supply, inappropriate videos of adults and children, selling of fraudulent government documents, and animal & human violence, murder for hire and many more things involved with it. The majority of these fraud people online operates in Bitcoins only.

The government are doing their best and abandoning these kinds of illegal activities on darknet websites.

Darkweb is also used by undercover police officers to track the activities on the Darkweb.

It is also used by journalists, human rights activists and political-related protests who want their identity hidden.

Accessing Darkweb is not illegal but it is up to users how which websites they are visiting and for whats purpose, its legality based on how they are using it. 










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