What is Robotics? Its Application in Industries

Robotics is the merging of, engineering, science and technology that originates machines, which are called robots. Robots are replacements or replicate human movements. 

People are always been interested in robots. We have seen robots in various movies like in Star wars we all must have seen R2-D2, Optimus Prime in Transformers not only him, the whole movie was based on robots and in the famous Disney movie we have seen WALL-E. 

These fabulous, humanlike thoughts of robots normally appear like a parody of the real thing or are they think more advance than we understand? Robots are growing and will be equipped with cerebral and automated skills that don’t put the probability of an R2-D2-like robot reach in the upcoming future.

Robots are extensively utilised in such businesses as automobile production to deliver simple monotonous assignments, and in the industry where work must be conducted in surroundings dangerous to human beings. Several aspects of robotics include artificial intelligence; robots may be implemented with the corresponding of human senses such as eyesight, touching, and the capability to perceive temperature. 

Some robots are also competent in decision making, and present robotics research is adapt towards designing robots with an extent of independence that will allow mobility and decision making in an unregulated environment. Today’s mechanical robots do not mimic human beings but can do more than that.

Some of the best examples of robotics would be AIBO dog by Sony, ASIMO by Honda and Sophia a social humanoid robot made by a hong kong based company  Hanson robotics.

Surprisingly if you ever go to Japan you can expect robots are seen as waiters or chefs or your customer service agent also like a robot.

Here are some applications of robots used in various industries-


1. Robots in Space exploration

robots in space

There are various objects in space that are very nasty for astronauts to do. Humans can not travel on Mars an entire day to gather soil specimens or work on fixing a spaceship from the surface of space which can cause human life.

Robots are fitted perfectly in these kinds of situations because there is no possible loss of humans life. 

Space organisations like NASA constantly use robots and self-governing vehicles to operate in tough space conditions which humans can not do.

For example-  NASA Mars self-governing rovers take pictures of the Mars geographic areas and send back them to NASA scientists for further study.

2. Robots In Health Care

Robots in health care da vinchi

Healthcare is changed so much because robots can assist doctors in operating operations more accurately, It can also be used as prosthetic arms or legs, give treatment to patients, etc. The probabilities are endless.

One example of the biggest example of robotics in health care is the “da Vinci robot” that can assist doctors while executing complicated surgeries relating to the head, heart, throat, and other delicate regions of the human body.

3. Robots In Manufacturing

Robots in manufacturing

There are numerous monotonous and common jobs in the manufacturing industry that don’t expect any usage of the brainlike like packing, welding, assembly, etc. 

Such jobs can be simply achieved by robots although leaving the psychologically creative and challenging assignments to humans. 

Robots are qualified to offer these repetitious and monotonous jobs with accuracy following the direction and guidance of a human. This choice is also the finest for manufacturing processes that are unsafe and may be dangerous to humans.

For example, you have seen robots in car manufacturing.

 4. Food Preparation & Robot waiters

robot-restaurant robo kitchen

If someone does not want to cook, there are robots they can cook and prepare complete meals for you. These robot cooks can prepare food by taking the help of loads of different recipes which is uploaded in their system. 

We only have to do is pick the recipes which we desire and give the robot pre-packed containers of all the ingredients that are required to prepare that dish. 

The robots can then prepare the food themselves. 

Moley Robotics UK based company is a good example, They introduced the first robotic kitchen.

There are also waiters we have seen in serving the orders in the restaurant nowadays. There is a ROBO-KITCHEN in Hyderabad in which robots serve their orders to customers.

5. Robots in the Military

Robots in military

Robots have various uses in the army. They can be utilized as drones to keep supervision on the foe, they can too be utilized as weaponry systems to strike the enemy or Robots can also be used as medicare agents to supply medicines to soldiers.

DOGO tactical robot is a good example of robots used in the Military

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