What is Cyberlaw: Is it important for us?

Nowadays the internet is an important part of everybody’s regular life. Basic communications to online shopping everything happens online. Businesses have also selected to proceed with their operations over the internet, resulting in the emergence of e-commerce. Several governmental processes are also taking place online like Aadhar card creation and update or modification work. Online finance has seen huge growth over the few last years. By the increase in usage of the internet increased the various threats associated with it.

Cyberlaw acts as protection across the internet space, to counter cybercrimes from occurring. Even though this is a tough call for legislators and crime enforcement. The officials have taken it upon themselves to formulate and establish laws to stop illegal activities that happen online.

What is Cyberlaw?

Cyberlaw, also known as the law of the internet. Cyberlaw is the portion of the overall legal system that is related to legal information technology and controls digital e-commerce, distribution of data, software and information security. It is related to legal information technology and electronic elements, including information systems, computers, software, and hardware. It covers many areas, such as access and usage of the Internet, including various subtopics as well as freedom of expression, and online privacy.

Need of Cyberlaw

There are some security-related concerns about using the Internet. It also involves different fraud people who try to unlawful access your computer system to execute possible fraud. 

Like any other law, cyber law is formulated to guard online companies and people on the internet from unlawful access and cybercriminals. If someone performs any prohibited activity or violates the cyber rule, it gives people or organizations the right to have those fraud persons convicted to take action against them or give punishment to them.

If someone breaks the rules of cyberlaw, action would be taken upon that person based on what kind of cyberlaw he/she has broken, where he/she lives, and where he/she broken the cyberlaw. There are many circumstances like if you break the law on a website, your IP (Internet Protocol) address will be blocked permanently and your account will be banned or suspended. 

If any person does a very severe unlawful activity, uploading content with illegal content or Harming any company image on the web, hacking, attacking another person or website, strict action will be taken upon that person.

Importance of Cyberlaw-

  • It records all activities and results in Cyberspace.
  • All online transactions are guaranteed to be secure and protected.
  • All online activities are under surveillance by Cyberlaw officials.
  • Protection for all data and property of individuals, Government and organizations.
  • Helps control criminal cyber activities with due perseverance.
  • All actions and responses executed on any cyberspace have some legal aspect incorporated with them.
  • Cyberlaw Keeps track records of all the data online available on the internet.
  • It Helps to establish e-governance.

cyber crime

Areas of Cyberlaw-

Cyber laws deal with many activities and domains that happen online and provide different purposes. Various wide divisions come under cyber laws which are:

Patent and copyright issues

It is primarily a person or group work, ideas, logos, inventions, design or anything owned by them which are intangible and are generally patented or copyrighted. cyber theft can steal or illegal that stolen copyrights or patents. So there are strict rules for everyone if someone goes against the copyright or patent to protect individual work or idea.

Online Scam or cybercrime

Cyber laws are made to stop monetary crimes such as identity theft, credit and debit card theft and online banking etc. . A person may face or state criminal charges if he commits any type of identity theft or commits online harassment, money laundering, hacking. Cyber laws have described harsh policies to sue and defend against accusations of using the internet.

Digital signatures-

Today in this cyberspace most people and organisations use electronic or digital signatures for verifying electronic records. This has become trustworthy and normal nowadays.  If someone uses other persons Digital signatures it is considered illegal and comes under cybercrime.

Harassment and Stalking: 

Any statements originated by people can infringe criminal law that refuses stalking and harassment online. When somebody posts intimidating allegations repeatedly regarding somebody else, this infringes both criminal and civil laws. Cyber advocates fight and defend people when online stalking takes place.


Although not all people are victims of cybercrimes, they are still in danger. Crimes by computer differ, and they don’t always happen behind the computer, but they administered by computer. The hacker’s identity varies from 16 years young to 65 years old who knows. The hacker could live four continents distant from its victim, and they wouldn’t even know they were being hacked. Crimes done behind the computer are the 21st-century’s cyberspace problem. With the technology expanding, criminals don’t have to steal from banks, also not have to be physically outside in order to perform any crime. Cybercriminals have every tool they need on their computers in order to commit cybercrimes. Their weapons aren’t guns anymore. They strike with mouse cursors and passwords. So, It is up to us to stay aware of cyberlaw and complaint against cybercrime.





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