What Green Technology?

Green-tech applies to a type of technology that is recognised as environmental friendly based on its production process or its supply chain. Green-tech–which is an acronym for green technology can also refer to clean energy production; clean energy production is the use of substitute fuels and technologies that are less toxic to the environment than fossil fuels.

Despite the fact that the market for green technology is comparatively newborn, it has collected a notable volume of capitalist interest due to increasing recognition of the influences of environmental change and the exhaustion of natural resources.

Green Technology is a canopy phrase that explains to use of technology and science to generate products and services that are environmentally beneficial. Green-tech is linked to cleantech, which clearly belongs to products or services that enhance functional performance while also diminishing prices, power consumption, waste, or negative effects on the environment.

The purpose of green technology is to preserve the environment, fix the damage we do to the environment in the past, saving natural resources and protect the Earth’s natural resources. Green technology has also become a developing industry that is bringing large amounts of investment capital.

Green technology includes a constantly growing accumulation of processes and stuff, from methods for creating energy to non-toxic cleaning products.

There is an inclination toward the environment beyond all industries. Whether this involves restaurants banning plastic straws, a transformation to clean energy sources, or buying carbon offsets, society as a whole has seen a rise in sustainability. Green technology has become increasingly popular nowadays.

In general, Green technology focuses on renewable innovations that constituent in short-term and long-term environmental impacts. 

Some examples of green technology are- 


1. Plastic roads


Plastic roads

The earnest usage of plastic for roads development in India started in 2015 when the Union government circulated guidelines on plastic use with hot combinations for asphalt roads nearby metropolitan spaces. Over the years, these plastic roads constructed utilizing garbage plastic, commonly known as Plastic Roads, are determined to deliver better compared to those constructed with traditional asphalt. As an outcome Plastic Roads have been increasingly seen as one feasible solution of Plastic Waste Management and green technology.

The plastic debris objects that can be utilised for road building are several items like plastic carry bags, plastic containers, plastic wrapping for potato chips, wafers, candies, etc.

2. LED Lighting


LED bulb

A simplistic illustration of green technology nowadays is LED lighting. By preventing Traditional bright lights, there’s a significant increase in its effectiveness. LED light bulbs utilise lesser energy than traditional fluorescents CFL and incandescent Bulbs. Furthermore, LED lights establish important external clear visual aids. Rather, they have been applied in verticle farming and have even battled malaria. These light bulb does not contain mercury so its impact on the environment is very less. 

3. Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles

Using electric vehicles can cause air pollution and impact the environment.

Research has determined that electric cars are more beneficial for the environment. They release fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars. 

Tesla is a major car manufacturer but its prices are too high. There are several other electronic vehicle manufacturing companies as well like Nissa, BMW and Mahindra etc.

Charging an electric vehicle off of a coal-powered framework isn’t as renewable as it maybe be, but better gas mileage and zero emissions still make it a better substitute than petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

4. Energy sources


Renewable energy sources

Green technology can also be utilised in methods aimed to save energy, such as energy effective light installations. Green technology is also utilised to produce substitute fuel sources that are also environmentally favourable than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels typically generate waste as a byproduct of their production. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric dams are all examples of green technology since they are more secure for the environment and don’t produce fossil fuel waste by-products. Additionally, the environmental profits of these substitute energy sources, that can also be utilized to power a home or Power station. Most of the villages in India where the electricity supply is not constant utilize solar energy.

5. Vertical gardens and farms


Verticle farming

The establishment of vertical gardens in buildings and other areas also aids conserve energy and carries many advantages to the environment. Vertical gardens don’t need watering cycles that include additional use of water, and because they are fixed on a wall, they decrease the severe reach of pollution that arises from the outside environment. Further, it supports separate the high temperatures that are presented by climate change, resulting in significant savings in energy, heating and air conditioning, In other words, it absorbs the pollution coming from outside and regulates the temperature. If we conclude this technology to farms, So we can conserve a lot of water and take care of the fertile soil.

6. Clean Water 


clean water

Green technology is adopted to clean water resources all over the world. In portions of the world where there are limited water resources available, green technologies can be exercised to purify polluted water or remove salt from seawater in order to strengthen the availability of clean drinking water. 

Major developments incorporate nanotechnology, microbial fuel cells, membrane filtration, development of biological treatments and natural treatment systems such as wetlands and anaerobic ponds. All the processes are practised to make water more drinkable or importantly decrease the presence of contaminants from what is released into the sea and rivers.

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