Virtualization of Social Media

The world public and media are just fan of Million Likes ; Hey ! do you live in virtual world ?

Social Media is a form of virtual reality. You depict a form of yourself, which ain’t exactly you in real world . You have to leave some aspects of yourself out, and people often add in pieces that don’t exist in the real world. People tend to represent the positive aspects of oneself that doesn’t even exist in their life a wealthy , healthy , stylish and no worries just freaky chill outs . The virtual insights exists in every face of lives which carry out likings , comments , tagging , influencing and socializing .

In an average virtual administrators are finding several difficulties in organizing virtual media due to thousands of sites running on webpages at a particular time . Therefore , several social page such as face-book , Instagram , LinkedIn and so on have millions of user using apps sites at same time . There always a need to manage such sites to manage virtual traffic .

Social media can influence lives by providing good aspects but is far behind from reality as sometimes virtualization leads to lack of knowledge , leads to vulgarity , shows unexpected criteria of the world which may cause harm to lack of etiquettes in people , distractions to youngsters , craze and being competitive in media .Though social media and virtualization might not seem to have common conspiracies , companies believe differ subsequently in social media .

Experts view says taking virtualization as a whole of social media may be a myth to us because the technologies in media provide people scale that makes it possible for administrators to reach a global audience all over the world at a time . From both the physical taken into  abstract, virtual world. If say of one more benefit social media doesn’t require advertising as it is self made platform than that of traditional . With the expansion of virtual things social media, tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others are doing their part to strengthen their basis .





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