Viotek GNV30CBXA Quick Review: Ultra-fast Ultra-wide

Viotek GNV30CBXA

Viotek GNV30CBXA is one of the more responsive 21:9 displays we tested, but its slight overload allows some Motion blur and high-contrast VA panel, but the light area limits its image quality potential. The speed and value of gaming monitors are usually not the same. The price of ultra-wide monitors is more attractive but there are exceptions. If you want to use a smaller screen with a lower pixel density, Viotek may provide you with the best gaming monitor. Viotek GNV30CBXA is a 30-inch curved VA panel with a refresh rate of 200Hz. A resolution of 2560 x 1080 may sound low, but the pixel density of 94 pixels per inch (ppi) is also good for a screen of this size.

Good contrast, DCIP3 and AdaptiveSync colors are a good kit, with a suggested retail price of US$320. This makes GNV30CBXA one of the cheapest and fastest 21:9 displays available today. Viotek is relatively new in the field of gaming monitors, but it has proven worthwhile. Monitors such as Viotek GNV34DBE and Viotek SUW49DA performed well in our tests, providing reliable gaming performance and lower cost. GNV30CBXA has set a new lower price for 21:9 ultra-wide displays. Since its first appearance in 2013, we have not seen a wide panel of this size. The bending radius appears very narrow on the paper-1800 mm. But at this width it is barely noticeable. It is almost invisible from some angles. However, in practice, this is much better than the flat screen used in games. 

Accessories of Viotek GNV30CBXA.

Just use captive screws to connect the stable metal base to the bolts. The panel has been inserted into the bracket. But if you take it off, the VESA bracket is 100 mm release. It includes DisplayPort cable and IEC power cord for internal power supply. GNV30CBXA has a simple style, and the small red frame indicates your stuff. You can see it around the cable hole and on the back, where there are two chevrons that emphasize the sides. The red ring around the tripod is lit by an LED and lights up red when it is turned on. 


You can turn off the lights, but there are no color or effect options, sorry RGB fans. The back of the panel is a mixture of flat and curved surfaces. A small group of carved lines give it a futuristic feel. Rear control buttons.You click firmly but are too close to navigate the menu easily. We are destroying the joysticks used in most high-end displays today. Just like the speaker grills on both sides. Although this would be an ideal place to place speakers, GNV30CBXA is not suitable.


The audio is streamed through the PC’s video input, but you need to plug in the best gaming headset or powered speakers to hear it. The subtle curvature of the 1800R can be seen from above. This is enough to create more immersion, but without image distortion. The anti-reflective coating of the screen can well control the ambient light without producing graininess or other artifacts. The base of the monitor  is very stable, a significant improvement over the other Viotek monitors we tested. The mechanism is very stable, without any hesitation.

The body is lighter than most displays, but not thin. Height adjustment: 120 mm, 45 degrees on each side, tilt 5/15 degrees.There is only one portrait mode, which is not common for 21:9 displays. The input panel is equipped with DisplayPort 1.2 and three HDMI connections. One 2.0 is limited to 120Hz, the other two are 1.4 and the limit is 75Hz. To use AdaptiveSync to get 200Hz, I have to use DisplayPort. 


GNV30CBXA is a smart display suitable for daily tasks.Its brightness is enough to adapt to any room with moderate ambient light. Since the maximum brightness is just over 300 nits, if solar windows light up on the screen, they may overwhelm the image. The color is natural and vibrant, but not too harsh. You can access the DCR function more precisely, but it is best to leave this function because it locks the brightness and contrast controls.
More importantly, the dark image becomes too dark and the shadow details appear very faded.

At a resolution of 2560 x 1080, you might think pixelation is a problem, but it is not. 94ppi provides a clear image with no visible dot pattern at a distance of 7 meters. The stand also allows you to place the screen at the ideal height without tilting it. We found that perfect portrait orientation is the best way to appreciate curved displays. GNV30CBXA can provide good contrast without assistance.

However, you can benefit from a darker scale. 

Call of Duty: The night scene in World War II makes us believe that we are playing IPS, not VA. The advantage of VA is its low black value, which Viotek does not have here. However, the light is bright enough. The sunny scene looks bright and vivid. Full of solid details and textures. It turns out that the colors are natural and the saturation is good. 

Tomb Raider shows us the power of GNV30CBXA texture in a busy street scene. Plants and stones appear three-dimensional.Viotek did a great job on the GNV30CBXA propeller. It is a bit brighter than standard sRGB, but not much. The display uses the widest DCIP3 color space, but it should be used with caution. 

Video processing issues during playback, although the GNV30CBXA performed well in our reaction test. When we flipped our best gaming mouse, the object was a bit blurry. Blur Busters’ tests show that small black footprints are left behind the moving UFO. It is best to keep the overdrive gear, but this does not achieve the desired effect. 

AdaptiveSync works flawlessly. We have never seen any screen tearing before. We tried turning it off to see if the overload has improved, but it doesn’t matter. Thanks to the 2560 x 1080 resolution of GNV30CBXA, the lens has been maintained at a high level. you win. You don’t need an expensive computer to achieve 200 frames per second (fps) and take full advantage of the maximum refresh rate of this monitor.

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