Top Smart Security Cameras in the Market

The security camera is mostly referred to as a CCTV camera (Closed Circuit Television). It plays a vital role when it comes to Home security or we can use it in our offices too.

It gives us peace of mind leaving that feeling that there extra pairs of eyes watching our home or business when we are not there.

The requirement for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has been on the surge for many years and is not only a security feature occupied by a business but also a necessity within local households, regardless of the size and type of home.

By installing a good security Camera is a solid move because a security camera gives you that preventive command when it comes to security. Either you own a business or just want to keep your family safe and well, a Security camera is a must. It is not only necessary to install a Security camera, but you also need to assure that it is a product that is as dependable as it has top-notch in terms of quality & performance. 

Here are my top security cameras picks-


1. realme Smart Cam 360°


realme smart 360 degree cam

This camera comes with a price label of Rs. 2,999 with a 1-year brand warranty.

This camera is for indoor and outdoor usage.

Realme cam 360 degree comes with panoramic vision This camera uses dual motors for active rotation in all directions for a broad view of everything around your home or office. You not get disturbed by the rotating because it happens very quietly.

It has infrared night vision with a 940nm illuminator which can show clear pictures in the dark up to 10 meters. There no light comes out from the camera so it will not disturb you while sleeping.

Realme smart cam has AI detection which detects anomalies alerts us for any sort of irregular happens and we get instant notification realme link app. It detects anomalies in three different ways By- Voice, Motion and the human body. 

It has real-time motion tracking as well so it notifies us when strangers coming into the house.

This camera is also hibernated so when you want privacy you can hibernate it from the realme link app.

Real me smart camera supports MicroSD card extension up to 128 GB. So, it can record videos in 1080p continuously for 14 days. we have to purchase a micro sd card separately.

This camera has two-way audio real-time so you can talk face to face with your loved ones also gives instructions in your office. 

It comes with a built-in wifi extender with a professional Wi-Fi monitoring chip so the combination of both will give stable network connectivity at the large spaces like schools and factories and large homes as well.

There are 2 ways you can install realme smart cam inerted and upright.

2. Mi Home Security Camera 360°


Mi smart cam

Mi 360° 1080p WiFi Smart Security Camera comes with a price tag of Rs. 2,899 with 6 months of warranty.

This camera is also can be used indoor and outdoor as well.

This smart security camera comes with a twin motorhead that allows it to revolve and catch a full 360 degrees horizontal appearance and a 96 degrees vertical view. Its anti-collision design and quiet motor guarantee that the rotation is smooth and silent so you will not get disturbed by it also thieves are unaware of it that they are under surveillance.

It has a 20-megapixel camera that records HD videos at 1080p resolution. Mi smart cam gives colours even in low-light with all new low light colour technology for a more realistic view and with illuminator, it gives clear vision in the night as well. This smart cam also supports 2-way audio talk

It comes with AI motion and intruder detection which alerts when something unusual happens o our phones.

It supports an SD card of up to 64 GB and videos can also be stored in NAS(Network Attached Storage) devices.


3. TP-Link Tapo C200



This camera smart security camera comes with a price tag of Rs. 2,499 with a 1-warranty.

It can be used Indoor and Outdoor both.

This TP-Link security camera also has motion detection and it also has a light and sound so its detection motions and sends notifications to us.

It is equipped with light and sound effects as well so unwanted visitors will stay away.

TP-Link TAPO C200 has 850nm night vision with an automatic colour switch filter which can record clear for a distance of about 9.14m.

It can record in HD 1080p resolution.

TP-link security camera has a privacy feature so it stops recording when you don’t want to.  

It supports Mirco sd card storage up to 128Gb storage which can approximately give 16 days or 384 hours of footage.

TP-Link smart camera has a two-way audio feature so you can interact with your loved ones.

With Tapo Camera App you have all the control of your camera and you can control it from anywhere.

All these smart security cameras are easily available on e-commerce websites you can check out there to purchase and read more about them.

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