Top free antivirus for windows Computer & Laptop

In this technological era malware and ransomware attacks growing day by day & the necessity for antivirus is a must.

Windows is more prone to virus attacks that’s why it is very important to be on the safe side and get installed good antivirus software on your PC.

Most of the home users did not want to spend much on antivirus subscriptions and they are in search of free antivirus.

It is better to install free you can’t afford the paid one because the free version can also protect you from massive virus attacks which is very common nowadays.

 So, Below are my some top free antivirus picks for windows-

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast free antivirus

Avast is one of the best free antivirus software for many years. It has the highest score in the most recent test conducted by the on windows 10 for home users. 

 Apart from regular virus scans, it includes an anti-rootkit and anti-spyware feature in the 2021 update.

It will also give you features like a WI-FI inspector which scans your wifi network whether you are connected to the home network or public network.

WI-FI inspectors play a vital role when you are connected with public networks and hackers can attack your personal files and scans wifi networks automatically when you are connected and informs you about any kind of issue with a particular wifi network.

It also gives a ransomware shield that protects your important and crucial data on your PC from hackers.

Most of the companies giving this feature in their paid versions of antivirus.

Avast is giving this feature in their free version which is pretty good. It also provides us various kinds of protection shields, DND mode, and software updater.

Virus definitions updates can also be set automatically and in manual mode as per our convenience.

From the performance point of view, it does not take that much amount of ram which its other competitors are taking so it is nice to see avast is checking all the ticks which an ideal free antivirus meant to be.

You can download avast free antivirus by clicking it here.

2. Kaspersky security cloud- Free

Kaspersky free antivirus

Kaspersky gives you basic protection for your computer from common viruses, blocks dangerous files and apps, and warns you about suspicious websites.

They will also provide premium features like VPN and parental control for about 1 month or it can be more if there is any kind of offer is going on.

With the help of a VPN(Virtual Proxy Network), you can safely browse the internet and can do internet banking safely on any browser. Kaspersky concentrates more on internet protection because most attacks happen from the web only.

Parental control feature can help to protect your child from malicious websites and you can track social network activities, block the access of websites that you do not want to access by your child, and watch screentime as well.

Parental control is a premium feature so it is available for 1 or 2 months only after that it will be disabled or locked.

Kaspersky’s main highlight is that you can control and update antivirus database definitions from your phones and turn on and off the virus protection from anywhere.

The performance of Kaspersky is top-notch because it takes a very minor amount of ram by which your computer performance is not get affected.

Kaspersky’s latest update can save and can manage your password as well.

You can download it from here.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus free edition

Bitdefender free antivirus

Bitdefender is an award-winning antivirus it installs on a computer within few minutes and its main highlight is that it has a very minimalistic user interface design which is very easy for a user to navigate and results in good computer performance because it will consume very little ram.

we can do gaming, video editing and use heavy software too because PC performance is not affected by  Bitdefender.

Bitdefender uses cloud-based detection which runs automatically in the background of your computer and also updates virus database definition automatically users don’t have to do that much work manually.

 Its real-time virus Sheild blocks malicious URLs and functions behavior-based detection protection against potential threats. 

New updates include features like anti-fraud and phishing which use advanced filters so it warns us from any site is stealing identities.

Apart from malware blocking ad removal, Bitdefender additionally includes anti-rootkit and anti-phishing. It discovers and blocks spammy sites through HTTP-based scanning.

Bitdefender also provides customer support for its free antivirus which is quite amazing.

You download this amazing antivirus from here.

4. Malware bytes free



If you are looking for a free antivirus program that focuses more on ransomware protection then malware bytes is for choice. 

It is a very lightweight antivirus program and does not take much space on your PC.

When we install Malwarebytes for the first time for 14 days it will run as a premium version. After that premium version feature is locked and then it will run with basic features.

Malwarebytes can simultaneously run with windows defender which will give your windows double protection.

 Malwarebytes uses Chameleon technology It is mostly used as a tool computer already infected and it removes the virus which is infecting your computer.

So, you can go for Malwarebytes if you want a secondary layer of protection on your windows.

You can download malware bytes from here.

5. AVG

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG is also a pretty good free antivirus software that gives better protection than windows defender. 

In 2016 Avast acquired AVG which’s why its protection engine is similar to avast and UI design is also quite identical.

AVG blocks unsafe links, scans for PC performance problems, downloads, email attachments, and ransomware protection by securing extra layers of personal folder protection.

AVG shown good performance in various lab tests and giving good competition to another free antivirus in the market. 

It also installs AVG secure browser which is quite similar to chrome because it is based on chromium.

AVG secure browser blocks websites from tracking us that what we are doing what we are seeing.

Most features like WI-FI inspector and Do-not-Disturb features identical as avast.

You can download AVG free antivirus from here.


Final verdict

I have experienced all of these antivirus programs which I mentioned above. In case you want antivirus which consumes less ram on your PC you can go for Kaspersky and Bitdefender. 

If you want a secondary layer of protection you can go for Malware bytes along with any other antivirus or windows defender.

In case want all-around performance you can go for avast and AVG both,

but if you have to pick the one you can go for avast free antivirus because its performance outlasts other free antivirus programs in the market

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