Top fitness bands which are best in the market

Research proves that tracking day-to-day activities with a fitness band can help to improve your health.

Tracking yourself gives you an idea of where you have work on it like following a good diet,

monitoring your sleeping pattern, how many steps you have taken, and how many calories you have burned. Tracking All these things are very crucial to our daily lifestyle where we are busy with our work and don’t pay much attention to our health.

Fitness bands can track all the daily activities and give statistics and data about what you have done all day long. Data will be saved on the application on a particular fitness band brand and you can check it when you are free.

Below are the best top fitness bands so far-

1.Mi Smart band 5


Mi Band 5

The Mi smart band 5 is the latest offering by Xiaomi in the fitness band category.

It is priced at Rs.2899 with a 1-year warranty.

Prices will be reduced if there is some sale on e-commerce websites.

Mi smart band 5 has still a capsule that fits inside the band strap with a buckle loop similar to its predecessor’s versions.

There is a touch-sensitive button below the 1.1 AMOLED touch screen which has a 16-bit color range. 

The overall build quality of the Mi smart band 5 feels premium and It is very comfortable on the wrist.

No loosening of strap or buckle when you wear it.

This fitness band is very lightweight just around 12 grams and does not feel like we have worn it.

Xiaomi offers 100+ watch faces styles which we can access from Mi fit app according to your choice.

All new feature in this band is added is women health tracking which is not present in Mi previous smart bands. 

 You also track your sleeping pattern and heart rate for 24-hours. The band vibrates when the heart rate is high. 

All the statistics and other data will be well stored in Mi fit app and all your health data is at your fingertips.

The biggest highlight is that you don’t have to take out a smart band capsule for charging.

Thanks to all the new magnet which is situated at the backside of band capsule which connects charger with the click and you can charge your band without any trouble. 

Its battery lasts longs up to 14 days in normal mode and 20 days in power saving mode.

Mi smart band 5 also comes up with common features like-

Remotely snapping of pictures, music playback, incoming call notification, event reminder,

idle alerts, find your phone, messages alert and phone unlocking, etc.

Mi smartband 5 is water resistant upto 50m under water.

2.Honor Band 5


Honor band 5

This band comes up with a price tag of 2000-3000 Rs. with a 1-year manufacturing warranty. 

It has an AMOLED big screen with a resolution of 120×240 pixels, So if you go outside in the bright sunlight you can see the screen is still bright and visible under the sun which is quite impressive.

Sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring accuracy are very good. Honor 5 band is waterproof up to 50m underwater and gives you a 14 days standby battery life according to usage. It takes about 1 hour to charge it completely

The biggest highlight of this smart band is that it comes up with a SpO2 meter for tracking our blood oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream.

It is almost impossible to give that feature in this price range that why honor band 5 demand rapidly increased during the pandemic situation.

It also includes common features like Display Time/Date, Smart Alarm, Event, Call and Text Alerts, Stopwatch, Sedentary Reminder, Customizable Watch Faces, Activity Timer, Finding Phone Using Band as well.

3.OnePlus Band


OnePlus Band

This is the first smart band launched by OnePlus in 2021. If you look closely its looks like Mi band 5 doppelganger.

OnePlus band priced at Rs.2499, It can vary if the sale is going on the e-commerce websites. 

This smart band has an edge over Xiaomi band 5 because Spo2 meter is there, which is till now only available in the Honors bands in this price range.

OnePlus band comes with 13 exercise modes, such as outdoor/indoor run, fat burn run, outdoor walk, yoga, cricket, badminton, outdoor/indoor cycling, pool swimming, free training, and much more. By choosing the right mode we can track our activities easily.

OnePlus always try to give premium products. 

It has a 100 mah battery which can be run up to 14 days. 

Features such as –

music controls, camera shutter controls, Find my Phone feature, weather notifications, call notification/rejection, message notification, which is common nowadays in smart bands the OnePlus Health app offers you a wide variety of health insights.

It is water-resistant up to 50 meters for 10 minutes and dustproof as well.

4.realme Band


Realme band

This band is the first smart band launched by realme. This band comes with the pricing of Rs.1499 Rs. only with a 1-year warranty.

Realme band is the cheapest band among other fitness bands in my picks.

Charging of this band is very easy no cable is given you just have to put its USB type-A directly to any good charger. Tt has a 90mah battery which lasts long up to 6 to 9 days. 

Screen size is  0.96 inch TFT LCD Color Display with IPX68 waterproofing.

Realme band has common features like Alarm Clock, Call and Text Alerts, Sedentary Reminders, Call Notification, Goal Completion Reminder, Drink water reminder,  Low Battery Reminder, Brightness Adjustment, Weather Forecast, Special Cricket Mode, Display Time/Date, Smart Notifications, Personalized Dial Faces.

It connects with the device hassle-free and only supports Android OS.

Realme band is price worthy according to its price.

5. Fitbit charge 4


Fitbit charge 4

This fitness band cost around Rs. 11,499 with 12 months standard warranty.

It comes in 4 different colors Black, Rosewood, Strome Blue, and black.

Its special edition cost around 14,700 Rs. in granite reflective woven.

Fitbit  advertising band with its main features like Built-in GPS,

24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and it can control Spotify playlist as well. Multi-day battery lasts up to 7 days and up to 5 hours when using built-in GPS. Varies with use & other factors

It comes with an extra larger strap if the default one not fits you. Android users can reply to text messages with preprogrammed quick replies.

Overall build quality is amazing with sleek design if you have that much the budget to spend on you can surely go for Fitbit charge 4. 

“All these Smart fitness bands are easily available on e-commerce websites.

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