Top fast charging power banks under Rs.1000

Powerbank plays a crucial part in our life where we are all surrounded by different kinds of gadgets mostly smartphones. All of these gadgets have a battery and require to charge so we can use them.

Powerbanks are portable and you can take them everywhere you want because charging port is not available everywhere. 

During long power cuts, you need your smartphone to get charged,

Then power bank vital plays a role and you can able to charge your phone without facing any sort of hassle. 

In the course of pandemic online classes and meetings, everything happens online power banks come in handy when you need to get charge your device and don’t want to miss any meeting or online class because of discharged devices.

While choosing a power bank we always should go for branded power bank not unbranded or which we get on trains and streets because they can harm devices and ourselves too.

It is also very useful in remote areas like a village where power cuts are very common sometimes more than 1 day.

I recommend we all must have a power bank with us so we can charge on the go.

Below are my top powerbank picks which are having 10000mah battery capacity and fast charging support-

1. Mi 3i 10000 mAh Power Bank


Mi 3i powerbank

Xiaomi is one of the best company which manufactures top-notch power banks from a very long time.

Its current price is 999 Rs, But it can vary according to the time at which you are seeing it.

Xiaomi 3i power bank is manufactured in India under the Make in India campaign.

It has 6 months domestic warranty. Which doesn’t covers physical damage.

This Mi 3i power bank comes with a capacity of 10000mah and you can charge your device approx. 1.5 times if you are having a 4000mah smartphone battery.

It supports dual USB output which means you can charge two devices simultaneously.

If you charge 1 device it will give you 2.4 amp output and if 2 devices it will give 1.4Amp charging output.

Mi 3i powerbank comes up with dual input charging support with micro USB and type-c port. The charging time of the power bank is approx. 4 hours.

Its one of the main highlight is that its supports 2-way power 18w(max) Fast charging means you can quickly charge your phone and powerbank.

This powerbank has a very beautiful sleek design with an aluminum alloy casing that looks premium.

Mi 3i powerbank have a Lithium-Polymer battery with a smart resistance-capacitance sensor and a smart 12 layer circuit protection chip is also there for temperature and voltage protection purpose which is common in branded power banks these days for the device protection. 

Smart mode is also there for charging devices like earphones & bands power pressing the power button of the powerbank 2 times you can activate that mode as well.

2. realme 10000 mAh Power Bank 2


Realme powerbank

Realme power bank is priced at Rs.999 currently and has 6 months warranty.

Realme power bank as thin as a notebook it is 15MM in terms of thickness and weight around 216 grams and grid texture on it, which feels comfortable in hands.

This power bank supports a 2-way quick charge 18w,  which means you can charge your device and power bank very quickly as well.

 This power bank can charge both laptops, Macbooks, and smartphones which is a very good feature because it has 2 output ports one is type-C and the other is normal type-A.

It comes up with AIoT low current mode for bands, watches, and headphones, etc. To activate this mode have to press the power button 2 times on the powerbank.

The company states that the realme power bank has a high-density lithium polymer battery with no capacity degradation after 500 times of charge. 

It has 13 layers of circuit protection like overcharge, Temperature and voltage protection, etc.

3. OnePlus 10000mah powerbank


OnePlus Powerbank

It is the first OnePlus powerbank launched in India priced at Rs.1099, But it goes down if a sale is going on the e-commerce websites. Powerbanks prices are more likely to go down in the sale. Without the sale, you can also buy this premium powerbank by just spending 100rs more.  It has a 1-year long warranty excluding physical damage.

OnePlus powerbank weighs around 225 grams and 3D curved body that is sized like a normal smartphone these days.  It is available in 2 colors (Black & Green).

OnePus powerbank has a low current mode to charge low current devices like Bluetooth headsets and other wearable devices at any time by just clicking power 2 times to activate the low current mode.

It has a 10000 mah lithium-polymer battery with 18w fast charging support, it has 2 USB type-A ports and 1 Type-c.

 If we charge with 2 USB type-A ports it will give 15W output if not then it will 18W(max).

It comes up with 12 layers of circuit protection.

Note that All the power banks which are currently available in the market do not give full 10000 mah output because it is all about the conversion rate of cells some power banks can give 7000mah some can give 8000 so it’s all about the cells and theoretical, but companies market it by 10000 mah.

All these power banks are easily available on the e-commerce platform you can purchase them from there. 

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