Top Browsers for Privacy and Security

In this cyberspace era, we all are surrounded by the internet. Without it, we cannot imagine how our life is going to be. All devices like smartphones, laptops, TV’s and other devices are nothing without the internet.

Everybody uses a web browser because it is like a gateway to us for entering into any kind of websites, like for online shopping, studying online, attending online meetings, listening to music, watching Netflix, checking mails and many more other things we do online on daily basis.

The web browser is a primary application to perform any sort of activity on the internet.

Our all activities have been tracked by the browsers everything like what we are doing on the websites, what time we have spent on a particular website and what we searched on that websites after that you will see what you have searched on the websites it will appear on other websites as well you surf like e-commerce websites like amazon does this quite often.

Companies nowadays became so smart they are gathering all the user’s data insights and preferences. Web tracking is mostly executed on all the leading web browsers like chrome. By using browsers fingerprinting and other techniques are used to deliver targeted ads. We are geographically also tracked with the help of our IP address. 

There are some browser which protects your privacy and security very well


1. Tor Browser


Tor browser UI

Tor browser is the best if privacy is your topmost concern. It is based on firefox. While using Tor traffic is encrypted three times and that three will bounce between three Tor servers.

Encryption is manipulated in this way where servers only receive sets of instructions and servers does not have our IP (Internet Protocol) address and websites we are visiting.

Basically, it hides your identity with several layers of encryption.

Because of this kind of setup, it is impossible to track any activity cause the Tor browser is made for preventing fingerprinting and its block all sorts of trackers. Every time when you close the Tor browser session it will delete all the browsing data, cookies cache. Tor browsers prioritize privacy utmost.

Download it from here.

2. Brave Browser



Brave browser is based on Google’s Chromium and its source code is open.

It is by default blocks ads, cookies and several types of other trackers and camouflage against browsers fingerprinting. 

It has a customizing feature so you can customize privacy settings for distinct websites. Tor browser is also been integrated with brave browser for extra protection but it is still being developing but the beta is the released. In the private mode, you can use Tor inside the brave browser.

Brave browser is good when you want to access websites with javascript because the Tor browser blocks javascript. 

In Brave Browser there is a reward system where you can support your favourite content creator and users get tokens or coins for watching ads.

You will have full access that how you want and which ads you want to see which leads to get you rewards.

Chrome users find Brave quite familiar because as I earlier mentioned it is based on Chromium so if you are finding an alternative to Google chrome for privacy and security issues Brave browser is the best fit for you.

Download it from here.

3. Firefox


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers for years. Firefox is developed by Mozilla. It is an open-source browser. In recent years they have improved the privacy and security of the browser.

They have added advanced anti-fingerprinting features which prevent gluey ads to follow you and enhanced tracking features with three different modes like standard, strict and custom mode.

Firefox security modes

In the standard mode, you have to switch to the private mode then only trackers and third-party cookies get blocked otherwise in the regular mode you are open to trackers and cookies.

Strict mode is for those people who want more control over tracking and they have to sacrifice visiting some websites because it gets blocked in a strict mode that incorporates third party trackers and tracking cookies.

In custom mode, you will have the option to which trackers and cookies you want to block, for trackers there is turn it on to work only in Private Browsing windows or you can fix it to be constantly on. For Cookies, the feature will let you select from one of four choices:

  • Block cookies from third-party trackers.
  • Block cookies from unvisited websites.
  • Blocking all cookies.
  • Blocking all-third party cookies.

Download it from here.


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