Top Advances in Gaming Technology

We all have played and seen video games for many decades and till now it has developed so much. Let’s look at some of the top Technology Advances in Gaming-

1. Speech Recognition

Speech recognition

If you don’t want to pick up gaming controller gain and again no problem 

Voice-controlled gaming is there for you, The possibility of using that technology in gaming systems has finally developed up to actuality.

computers are now equipped to quickly recognize speech instructions from the players. 

Not only players can turn the gaming system turn on and off utilising this technology, but can also use voice instructions to command gameplay, communicate on social media, play preferences from your media library, or you can surf on the web, all by just speaking to your gaming system.

Speech recognition is presently being adopted in more complicated games like the VR equipped Starship Commander, which enables players to talk with non-playing figures. 

This technology has also starred in well-known eSports games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty. In these games, the players are using voice recognition as a medium to converse with other players. But it will be an even bigger accomplishment voice recognition technology started using in the real gameplay.

2. Face Recognition

face recognition

Facial recognition is one of the biggest advances in gaming technology.

Players can scan their faces in the game with the help of a camera and players can make their own custom made avatar character with their faces.

Like in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 have an option to do that.

There is Intel Real Sense 3D camera that able allow creators to build games that include the feelings of the gamer by scanning 78 various points on a person’s face. For example, a few expressions on your game screen means the game difficulty goes up and down according to that.

Recently China-based Tencent launched a facial recognition system called Midnight patrol. Which restricts minors to play games during the allotted time not exceed the time.

Users have to scan before themselves before starting the game online. Users who neglect facial recognition treated as minor and kicked out of the game.

3. Phenomenal Graphics


We have seen gaming graphics evolved from  8-bit graphics in games like Mario and  PACMAN to GTA 5 and Cyberpunk 2077 which requires graphics cards to run these games. 

Graphics advancements in gaming permit players to undergo games in fully rendered worlds with realistic textures. The graphics quality is just that you feel you are seeing the real world and you are inside the game.

4. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming

Rather than designing video game consoles that need more strong hardware, Game developers are now looking to reduce the load with cloud technology.

Games now not require heavy ram, harddisks and storage to play games we just need a high-speed internet connection to play games on standard PC’s. PlayStation Now, Steam cloud play (Beta), Google Stadia and Xbox cloud Gaming are some examples of clouds gaming.

We can now in fact soon play Heavy PC games on our mobiles phones soon through the cloud as well, all we need is a high-speed internet connection.

5.Mobile Gaming 

Mobile- gaming

Before the invention of mobile phones, we usually play games on gaming consoles and computers but after the invention of mobile phones, gaming has gone to a whole another level.

We initially started play games on keypad phones like Nokia, but we can’t enjoy games that we can play on computers or Gaming consoles, But after the innovation of smartphones whole scenario was changed.

We can play GTA and Need For Speed, such games which only run back then only on computers and gaming consoles, now available for smartphones. 

Developers are now focusing more on mobile gaming and developing various gaming applications for mobile phones. There are thousands of games available on app stores of mobile phones some of the famous game apps are – Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Asphalt, NFS, PUBG Mobile etc.

6.  Augmented Reality  & Virtual Reality

AR VR gaming

VR and AR are the two facets of a coin. Augmented reality simulates artificial conditions in a real situation while VR generates an unnatural environment to inhabit.

These technologies have changed the way we play games, Now we can simulate the games and feel that we are inside the game, with the help of all of our senses like smell, haptics, vision, hearing and other movements. 

We can touch and feel gaming objects, AR & VR illuminates the real world.

Pokemon Go! And Iron man VR are a couple of examples of AR & VR games.

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