The 5G technology and its Advantage and Disadvantage



5th wireless technologies generation,

which started in 1979 with 1G. 1G support wireless telephone conversations. 2G-supported messaging. 3G has enabled telephone usage of the Internet. 4G introduced HD video, quick internet and many other capabilities with it .The frequency of electromagnetic waves is an essential factor in the communication of the information / data. Simply said, a wave’s capacity to convey energy/data implies the higher the frequency, the higher the data transmission.

It was claimed that the ability to transmit high information rates with various devices might be used to connect almost anything under the sun, including goods and gadgets. GPPs. Before  going  into the specifics of 5g, let’s look at how mobile networks have evolved. 5g is the fifth generation of wireless data networks, and it will improve them much more than 4G or 3G. You will ever feel it on your phone, in your car, in the city and city around you, downloads and streaming should happen literally without delays. The untethered expanded and augmented reality can be accomplished through constant reaction.

But not to mention industrial advantages such as remote surgery or drone control. about 200 megabits per second of data throughput on a good day 5g can handle up to 1 gigabit or more, that thousand megabits per second at low latency 4G suffers from about a hundred milliseconds or so, with response delay or latency.

5g response time can be as little as 1 millisecond, which makes everything that happens almost instantly. Also, tight connections on a given square kilometer. A 5g connection uses some radio frequencies in the band known as sub-6. From 600 megahertz to 6 gigahertz. The 5g will also use a higher radio frequency band from 24 gigahertz to 86. These very higher frequencies lead to significantly greater data rates. While these new 5g waves are able to carry more information, they cannot carry it far enough. 5g uses several so-called small cells, small cell variations.

5G could be partitioned into three sorts: low-range, mid-reach, and high-range.. The low band of 5G provides a high range that can cover long distances due to the use of low frequency waves. Also, the bandwidth of which is similar or slightly higher than that of 4G.  5G uses MIMO or Multiple Input Multiple Output technology. This uses multiple antennas in a broadcasting tower to send and receive multiple inputs and outputs at the same time.

The second technology is

Beam Forming, in which the signal is not transmitted in all directions. But directly to the smartphone, which increases the signal strength and reduces interference during signal transmission. In addition, with full duplex technology, 5G can transmit incoming and outgoing signals on the same frequency. This makes 5G more efficient. The wave of millimeters can be consumed by adjoining plants and constructions. A large portion of us consider phones in the event that we consider remote organizations, anyway phones are really the most un-intrigued by 5g. They are going to power autonomous cars too so they will be aware of all the other pedestrians in the vehicle, mountain bike and traffic. The smart cities based on five g can connect almost anything about electricity.

Is 5G safe?”

is 5g safe

  • The notion of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation is essential to resolve this problem. This produces electromagnetic waves. A frequency that causes cancer in the human body with very high intensity.
  •  Several cities have undertaken measures to hinder the 5g deployment. There have also been some health issues regarding the usage of the 5G microwave frequency, many of which. As we saw, this is due to the large number of little cells around us.
  • Whereas 5g may sound as many microwave ovens put on poles with open doors. Old phones with cable less, your headphones and earbuds wireless. With nearly all wireless internet access like microwaves, but even with the highest 5 G frequencies. Scientists consider that radiation is not ionizing; they must go to X-rays and cosmic rays to find the kind of radiation which damages cells. 5g is much lower, which is reverse square law and quickly loses power even a small amount of time away from a small cell. The US Disease Control Centers state that there is no definite answer to scientific evidence, On the issue of cellular radio security.


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