Technology behind Google maps?

Nowadays everybody uses Google maps for navigation its works on, smartphones, smart devices & Wearables. There is no doubt Google Maps is the leader in the market when it comes to online navigation.

Back then Google maps and these kinds of similar technology was not invented people use to take help from physical navigation maps and using that we don’t know where we are currently standing. 

In the mid-2000s google acquired Where to? After that google brainstormed about how to create digital maps more convenient for people to use and layout which is a location where without doing any sort of refreshing of webpage or application because at that time there is navigation service called mapQuest, in that we have refresh map again and again.

Google tied up with government agencies to get accurate information about which place is where, what numbers of highways are there, lanes and the size of the road. 

After that, Google has started using satellite images then gradually google collected maps data from all over the world and created a design in which things is placed where accurately with all the markings.

Google street view car

For more accuracy, they started street view with help of google vehicle itself which on that vehicle smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensors is fitted on the top of that vehicle and take images and see signboards and analyse that so we can get accurate data about the road, curves and parking spaces.

You must have seen 3D images of building on google maps for that purpose google use helicopters which AI sensors installed on it to get a 3D view.

google maps 3d view

Initially, Google took the help of yellow directories and several other directories to feed the offices and other places details accurately with its phone numbers but after some time business owners by themselves came to google for giving their business details where the shop is situated, email address of the shop or business, phone numbers and operating hours these kinds of information google takes from them.

For Mall and Airports, google got permission from them to layout the maps according to Mall and airports because everyone knows the size of malls and airports is too broad. There are different kinds of shops and levels are there so Google has layout the maps according to that.

Google can’t go by itself to every street of the country so various users contribute and volunteer google by giving them information about the place, uploading 360-degree angle photos and created street views by themselves. 

Google Local Guide is one of the examples of crowdsourcing where all users contribute and get points for that.


Real-time Traffics related information also taken through crowdsourcing like vehicles moving slow or fast, is there any kind of jam is there or not, is there any kind of accident happen or not.

Google maps also give information about the traffic of a particular restaurant and a shop according to timings. At which time shop is busiest which timing traffic-less on the restaurant or shop.

We can also use google maps offline when maps inside it are loaded or downloaded priorly. 

Suppose a new road is built and google sees peoples are using that way so google automatically feed that in their maps so from the next time people can use it. T

here are several other modes present in google maps like Two-wheeler mode, walking mode and four-wheeler mode and we can get Bus and Train information on google maps itself.

So day by day google maps updating itself and making our life easy by adding new features to google maps which is very helpful for us.

       Below are some facts which you might not know about google maps-

  1. Google has partnered with sister company Deepmind which is an AI (Artificial intelligence) research lab and part of Google parent alphabet. Google partnered to make use of machine learning architecture which name is Neural Networks for better prediction and accuracy for user destination reaching time purposes.
  2. G-maps use data of 13 plus years to forecast and provide accurate data to us.
  3. Google maps algorithm use machine learning for predicting routes that have more traffic and it automatically gives us another alternative route suggestion or alternative that has less traffic also it predicts traffics in a particular area.
  4. Governments can request satellite partners to blur several sensitive geographical regions. 
  5. The satellite images of both Google Maps and Google Earth originates from a wide range of sources and third-party vendors.


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