Social Media Influence in Public

The influence of social media is a type of a fashion nowadays to everyone around us . From a child to adult reaching to old ends up having social handles at social sites . Mass media is the best way of gaining knowledge , sharing information and exploring new ideas across worldwide .

With the advantages come opportunities like enhancing businesses from a non-popular area to a popular platform . Earning money through social media by increasing followers is a great trend everyone around in most influenced . Instagram handles , face-book , and all are famous for gaining reels fans .

Tremendous increment in dance videos , sharing videos of special moments , day to day lifestyle tips are at great practice . Developing new ideas of inspiring people in motivational videos are at practice . People tend to be attracted towards social media but there still lies some demerits of social media .

Influence is the best way one could inspire self but when things go in a negative way things start getting distorted . Hacking several accounts , reporting accounts , using face editors and faking videos , abusing social platform to infamous a person’s image are the factors taking the social media in wrong directions .

Social media is a great asset if used in a right way to make peoples life better easier when in stress . It provides platform for giving wings to people to fulfill their dreams , ideas and talent either by acting , dancing , motivational influencing , making memes . Social media can lead to better earning source for some people  .

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