Roccat Pyro Design Review

Roccat Pyro

With its latest keyboard, Roccat focuses on casual gamers. It’s a nice change from the ever-increasing cost of flagship games. Razer and Corsair keyboards, Pyro stands out with its unique appearance, many programming options, and powerful price features. However, defective buttons, loud pan-tilts, and bulky software are annoying. Roccat Pyro makes a positive first impression with its unique appearance. Like many gaming keyboards, it has a brushed gray aluminum top plate,is framed by black plastic bezels that match the keys and volume control that looks great. The lower frame is made up of long lines that lead directly to the detachable palm rest, sides and back. Add a vertical volume control and flat design, and you have a keyboard that stands out from the crowd without resorting to colorful keys or open layouts that would put off minimalist gamer’s.

Dimensions of Roccat Pyro

The Pyro is a standard 17.  6 “x 6” size on your desk, but feels more compact due to its shallow depth of 1.4 “.9 inches) When the switches are at their full height, the Pyro is completely flat.even after its slim profile, Pyro offers a reassuring 2 lbs weight.Thanks to the four non-slip rubber feet on the four lower corners, it weighs 4 pounds and stays in place. The design looks good, but it is very difficult to keep it clean because of its design. Both brushed metal and grooved plastic tend to hold back dust and dirt from normal use. Trying to clean them was difficult due to the textured surfaces, so I broke the compressed air just to make the keyboard look its best. Interestingly, Roccat also chose reflective plastic at the widest notch on the back of the keyboard (I rarely see it).

Key Switches

Pyro Keys are especially difficult to keep clean. They are very thin, only 1 mm on each side, and have laser-engraved letters to identify RGB lighting.The main legend is brightly lit, while the auxiliary symbol is located directly below and hardly lights up. The coating on the keys is very greasy.After a day of heavy use, my keyboard looks messy. Keyboard cleaning works, but unless you want to regularly clean individual keys, sooner rather than later you’ll be stuck with a keyboard that looks dirty.

In addition, the use of laser-etched lettering also means that the ABS plastic buttons will wear out faster than the double-shot buttons, which use a separate piece of plastic for their lettering. Fortunately, Roccat uses a standard low-end design, so if you decide to upgrade, Pyro is compatible with most aftermarket key kits.
There are more shortcuts on Switches and Stabilizers, but these are small differences that are likely not to be noticed if not used with a Cherry MX Red keyboard, however the board uses TTC Red switches instead of the more popular brands like Cherry , Kailh, or even Gateron. Although TTC is relatively unknown, the switch mimics the Cherry MX Red design. Compared with Cherry, these switches have fewer tips, but they are easily scratched and not very smooth.The stabilizer follows the same mixing cycle.

Below the large keys (Space, Backspace, Enter, and any level) is the stabilizer, which is held upright by a pair of virtual switches connected to the wires. Pyro is designed for tight tolerances and uses lubricants to prevent annoying noise from the cables. Pyro does half of it.So out of the box, the gimbal is very loud. This was an easy fix with a touch of dielectric grease, but it’s an odd omission when even many budget gaming keyboards have started lubricating their stabilizers out of the box. This is still a common practice, but it is often noticed when big brands like Roccat do not paint their knives. One thing the Pyro does well is the RGB lighting, albeit simpler than you’re used to: The floating button design allows us to see the translucent top of the switch body inside the button and lively and they do a great job of illuminating the main lettering so the board looks great from any angle.

Pyro Lighting

Software & Lighting of Roccat Pyro

Roccat’s Swarm software allows you to choose from 8 preset lighting effects and customizable modes. Presets include breathing, reactive writing, periodic rainbow waves, and even a serpentine pattern, which moves a series of lights on the button in random order. The flagship of the lighting function is Roccat AIMO intelligent lighting. This so-called “Bright Light” is a further development of the traditional rainbow lighting effect that comes standard with many Perkey RGB backlit keyboards.AIMO applies soft and dynamic lighting effects to the entire set of buttons.) This means that the lighting changes with use and adapts to the game you’re playing. During the two weeks that I had the keyboard, I didn’t notice any changes due to My game, but I appreciate the unique and seemingly organic way the light changes and flows. 

I couldn’t see any loops or patterns though, one second they faded between tones, the next they were moving in a directional flow, and in others the color seemed to slide aside or flow where an expanding bright zone grows, even according to how much you type on an area of ​​the keyboard. Roccat said that AIMO lighting can be viewed as a tapestry, where each peripheral device is just a window. I can test it for myself, but it is easy to see how the effect is amplified when the Roccat peripherals are fully configured.


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