Return of PUBG in the name of BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)?

PUBG Mobile is banned in India since September 2020 because of data privacy issues and the security of the country. Tencent a Chinese entity also one of the main reasons for the ban. 

After a few month’s ban of PUBG Krafton games the developer announced that they are launching the new battle royal game in India and only for India. It is basically PUBG with a modified version only for India.

BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA) Pre-registration started before the launching of the main game on 18th May 2021 on the Playstore. It is giving early access on a first come first serve basis on 18th June 2021 only to those who pre-registered themselves on the Playstore. But many people have downloaded its beta APK & OBB from various third-party websites. The game is currently is in the beta stage.

Users are playing the game and giving feedback to Krafton. So they can identify what are the issues players are getting while playing the game so developers make changes accordingly.

The recommended system requirement for Battlegrounds mobile India is: Android 5.1.1 or above and a minimum of 2GB RAM in an android smartphone. 

But 4 GB is a must from my side if you don’t want any sort of lagging while playing the game.

Till now BGMI is not released on the Apple store but soon it will, Till then they have to wait for any update from Krafton.

After beta testing of Battleground mobile  India, we can expect a stable version of the game available in the play store after debugging various issues that occurred during beta testing of the game soon.

What’s new in BGMI in comparison to PUBG-


1.Gore color


Krafton made changes in the Blood color specifically for India instead of red because it symbolizes blood they included green color in the game. The color of blood does not affect the players that much. It will be interesting to see that later they will add a red blood color or not so players can switch blood color according to their choice.

2. Age Restrictions


Age restriction BGMI

This change is will going to make trouble for under-aged players. Now players who are under 18 have to take parents or guardian’s permission to play the game and that’s only for 3 hours per day.

Underaged players need to register with their parent’s or guardians’ mobile numbers

The in the app-game purchases are restricted to 7000 Rs. per day.

We have seen many cases that because of PUBG children used their parent’s credit or debit card and lots of money is been wasted without knowing of their parents and PUBG addiction also affecting children health.

We have seen news of many under-aged players commit suicide due to the PUBG game addiction.

Adding age restriction is a very good move by Krafton in my opinion.

3. Kill text replaced with the Finishes


Battleground mobile India (BGMI) is referring action of Killing enemies as “Finishes”.

Which we can see the player’s profile and during the game in the top left corner of the game.

We cannot ignore the fact that the BGMI game was also played by those under 18 and cause of that they replaced Kills to Finishes.

Krafton decontaminating the whole game and many PUBG fans will surely gonna miss the act of downing as Kill but most of the players stilll be going to call Finishes as kill I am sure about it.

4. Logo change 


Krafton made BGMI only for India so they have made their BGMI logo and other graphics using an Indian tricolor theme which gives a patriotic feeling to Indian fans.

They are trying to build trust by doing this all because the Indian government may ban them again if they don’t follow the norms and data privacy guidelines under the IT Act 2000. They are promoting BGMI with the punch line “India ka Battleground”. Krafton are taking the help of YouTubers like Dynamo to promote BGMI.

5. Data transfer


Users need to migrate their PUBG data into BGMI. Krafton was given a time limit for that purpose which is on or before 31-December-2021.

If you linked your PUBG mobile account with Facebook and Twitter then you are lucky because other login methods are not available.

Player’s all progress will be recovered and uploaded to Indian servers. Players don’t have to struggle playing it from level 1 and all the credits, accessories will migrate to BGMI.

All the data will be stored in Indian servers only and you can play matches with only Indian players cause there is only an Indian server is available there in the game not like PUBG where you can switch from multiple servers of countries before.

Now there is no involvement of Tencent in the Battlegrounds mobile India so Chinese servers are also not connected with the BGMI.


6. Game size

BGMI game size is reduced to around 700 MB to 800 MB before it was about 1.5 GB. 

But you have to download maps inside BGMI  then it will unpack so the size automatically going to be increased up to approx  1.2 GB.

7. Audio warning


Audio warning

PUBG players are used to listening to many games sounds but they have listened to one more sound before starting every game which is-

This game is a simulation in a virtual world and does not represent the real world. Please play in moderation and take frequent breaks.

It is good to give warning to players about this game is only virtual and not reality and what happens virtually not happens in reality.

Taking breaks while playing is very crucial which is very good that Krafton included in their audio warning.


Finally, I would like to say that Krafton is doing whatever in its hands by following the Indian government’s privacy policy and sanitizing the game for the Indian audience particularly.

Indian e-sport community is also happy that PUBG returned as BGMI.

Gamers like Dynamo as known as Adii Sawant stated that “ I am happy that Krafton successfully keeps its promise to the Indian esports community the game is fun to even watch and has interesting characters. As an esports lover, I can sense that BGMI will receive a positive response from Indian gamers”.

Many others YouTubers are dependent on PUBG they earned a lot from PUBG mobile streaming from super chats as well. So they are very happy that it has launched again so they can stream again like before they are doing.

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