Recent changes in Technology due to COVID-19


In this covid-19 pandemic technology helps us to reduce the spread of the virus and staying open in the business. Technology plays a crucial role in putting society functional during lockdown and quarantines. And these impacts of technologies may have long-lasting impact even after COVID-19.  Here are the 10 technology trends that were changed due to COVID-19. 

Online Shopping and Robot Deliveries : 

The SARS outbreak led to a tremendous growth in online marketplace platforms. And covid-19 has transformed the online shopping into a must need for everyone and some companies are providing online orders and deliveries for very long hours. Online shopping was making sure and has been supported by robust logistics system and so person delivering is virus-proof. The robot delivery services became more prevalent. 

Digital and Contactless payments :

Money or cash can spread the virus so various measures ensure to clean banknotes before circulating. so contactless payments are in the form of cards or e-wallets, some un-banked people can have easy access to digital payments which is also relies on internet availability. 

Remote Work : 

During this pandemic many companies offer work from home and enabled including virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over internet (voIPs), virtual meetings, cloud technology, work collaboration tools and facial recognition technologies. Remote work saves commute time and provides more flexibility. 

Distance Learning :

Many educational institutions had been offering online courses to ensure running of education in this pandemic. Distance learning may become a financial threat to the parents but it is safest way we can offer students secure and better education. 

Telehealth :

Telehealth provides primary care. It tracks vital signs and makes intial diagnoses based on symptoms identified by the patient. Telehealth provides insurance. World requires Telehealth more prominent now. 

Online Entertainment : 

Human creativity brought all of us online. online streaming of concerts had gained traction around the world since the outbreak was started. 

Supply Chain 4.0 : 

Some factories have completely shut down for disruptions to global supply chain. For demand on food and personal protective equipment soar, some countries have implemented different level of export bans on those items. The blackchain are building more resilient supply chain management system for future enhancing. 

3D Printing :

3D printing has been deployed to mitigate shocks to supply chain and export bans on personal protective equipment. It provides flexibility in production by producing different products based on different files and materials. There may be also intellectual property issues involved in producing parts protected by patent. 

Robotics and Drones :

Human interactions rely more for making things work. Especially Labor intensive business like retail, food, manufacturing and logistics are very badly hit. Robots have been used to disinfect areas and to deliver food for those in quarantine. Drones have been worked at this time. 

5G and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) :

All the aforementioned technology trends rely on a stable, high-speed and affordable internet. While 5G has demonstrated its importance in remote monitoring and healthcare consultation. When the time of technology was more needed the rollout of 5G is been delayed. Addressing these issues to ensure access to internet will continue to be challenge as the 5G network expands globally. 

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