Real Story! of BBK Group – OnePlus | Realme | OPPO | Vivo | iQOO

We all know that Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, and iQOO brands are dominating the Indian smartphone market and doing really well.

Most of us think that these brands are separate and competing with each other But you will be surprised when you will get to know that all these companies come under the umbrella of BBK electronics.

I’ve also got surprised when I came to know that.

Its market share is much more than Xiaomi & POCO if you sum up all the brands under BBK you can check that in this report.

According to economics times, BBK group surpassed Samsung in terms of sales and became the largest phone maker in India. 

History of BBK electronics

BBK Electronics is a Chinese brand which is stands for Guangdong Bu Bu Gao Electronics Industrial Private Ltd. established on September 18, 1995, in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China.

Translation from Chinese to English is the reason for that difference.

In the initial days, BBK electronics makes products which are music-related, gaming console, also entered into educational platforms but it did not work and they have to wind up that.

They started making music-related products and other digital media products like DVD players, headphones and Blu-ray players MP3 players and speakers, etc. Under Oppo Digital.

Most peoples around the world say that Oppo makes the world’s best Blu-Ray players.

Everything was running well till BBK faced legal cases for the piracy BBK electronics faced consequences for that it almost became bankrupt. This leads BBK electronics to diversify its businesses into various segments.

It was a good tactic by BBK electronics because if one of the child companies got bankrupt or face any kind of legal issue BBK would be untouched and unaffected by that.

Origination of Oppo and Vivo.

OPPO brand launched off in 2004 they are manufacturing  MP3 and DVD players, and it expanded to Blu-ray players, amplifiers, and headphones.

After 2008 Oppo slowly coming into the mobile business. Oppo’s first keypad phone was launched in 2008. It has smiley face emoji on the back it grabbed the attention of the audience.

In 2012 Oppo made its first smartphone launched. They are one of the first companies that have given beautification features in front-facing 5MP cameras.

Oppo is initially making phones for tech-savvy peoples Like Oppo N1 has a rotating camera, CyanogenMod & colorOS UI.

They are experimenting with technology and launching smartphones. Experimenting with technology is not enough because phones were not selling that much so they started making camera-centric smartphones by doing this they covered both camera lover’s and technology lovers’ audiences.

Oppo also introduced 20W Voltage Open Loop Multi-Step Constant-Current Charging. VOOC is OPPO’s revolutionary Flash Charging system designed with Oppo Find 7 model.

Several years later Oppo partnered with Sony to introduce the MX398 module in the R9s series.

Sony is best in the business of camera sensors and oppo is making camera-centric smartphones that is why partnering with sony is a great deal for Oppo.

In 2018 Oppo halted the production of audio-visual equipment and given focus entirely on smartphones.

Vivo was founded in 2009. Since its inception,  they were focusing on looks.

In the year around 2011-12 when there is a smartphone boom in the market Vivo launched its HI-FI audio chip in the smartphone with a sleek look. They laid more emphasis on looks & cameras rather than specifications.

Vivo always tried to reduce the size of a smartphone and make them ultra-thin. Vivo always comes up the new technology like the first phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, 120w charging, and also an in-display camera with 60w wireless charging. lots of research and development is also being done by Vivo to introduce new technology. 

OPPO & VIVO Strategy

Both Oppo and Vivo have a huge retail distribution network in China and India. Vivo & Oppo used a push marketing strategy by selling smartphones at high prices offline they are not selling phones online because they have made their offline network much stronger than why they mostly sell phones offline so their offline customer network would not be disturbed.

They run various types of advertising campaigns and given massive margins on sales of smartphones than other brands in the market to shopkeepers, also give them holiday packages on a particular sales target achieved.

we have seen Vivo and Oppo targeting cricket because in India cricket is like a festival. Vivo sponsors IPL and Oppo sponsored Indian team jersey so this is a very good marketing tactic.

Both the companies got a boost in their brand image after giving sponsorship commitment to Indian cricket.

Also at the international level, we have seen the Vivo concept phone in the hands of Tony Stark in Captain America: civil war. Vivo was also the title sponsor of the FIFA world cup 2018.

OnePlus: Covering the US market

One plus was originated in the year 2013 to target the international market mainly the US market to give competition to other premium brands like Apple and Samsung.

They wanted to make something different than Oppo & Vivo and wanted to give premium flagship smartphones with a subsidized rate to give competition to other flagship smartphones, Oneplus focuses on majorly hardware performance rather than just camera.

Oppo & Vivo majorly selling phones on offline markets unlike Oppo & Vivo Oneplus selling phones solely online. Oneplus craze is like that people from India buying Oneplus from the US.

later on, Oneplus launched its phones also in India. Oneplus didn’t spend that much on advertising like Oppo and Vivo, Sales was mostly just a word of mouth. It was the flagship killer smartphone.

Realme launched to beat Xiaomi

In 2017 Xiaomi became the No.1smartphone brand in India. Oppo saw the scope and launched  Realme under it in 2018 to beat Xiaomi.

Oppo doesn’t know that it is going to be successful or not, But it worked and they made realme as a separate brand.

realme was backed by Oppo and BBK supply chain, factories and in R&D oppo already invested pretty much, that’s why realme able to make budgeted phones without facing any sort of problem and currently dominating Indian budgeted smartphone category and giving cut-throat competition ti Xioami.

Real me will also be making premium phones like realme X series and on the way to becoming a flagship killer like Oneplus.


It was launched in August 2019. Vivo launched iQOO under its brand just like Oppo does with realme.

Vivo was focusing on the offline market so they also wanted to something a flagship premium phone to sell online.

It is one of the phones which have Snapdragon 865 with two variants one with 4G and the other with 5G modem.

IQOO made Virat Kohli their brand ambassador in India.

It was a good move but because the pandemic company does not grow that much they wanted to expand the brand outside India also maybe be this year they do expand.

iQOO is backed by Vivo and wanted to become like Oneplus flagship killer phone which gives more specification at less price.


BBK Electronics have 5 brands under its umbrella. Oppo and Vivo act as mid-range smartphones because they are mostly dependent on advertising and the offline market, They are using a push marketing strategy  One Plus and iQOO are in the premium smartphone category, Realme is competing with Xiaomi but slightly launching premium smartphones as well. OnePlus, realme, iQOO is not advertising their products much if they do, It is very minimal in comparison to Oppo & Vivo. They are also launching their Television, wearables, and others gadgets as well. So that’s all about BBK electronics. It is interesting to see whether BBK launch another company under it or not only the future will tell us.


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