Myths in Technology

Yesterday I was sitting under open sky and wondering if I would drink in space my water would fly here and there due to gravity !

Human modernization has achieved great heights though it seem they still live in a world full of myths related to technology . Technology is the need of modern era . Humans are working their hardest to build up great heights of achievements in every field but with the technology their comes certain myths like a doctor giving the services online can prescribe medicines but cannot check the patient similarly a technological development can build up machines but can’t take over it’s operating .

Technology says I am superior to all but don’t we think it sometimes creates a mess and fool humans who are GOD FATHERS ! Let’s see one more example are you afraid of charging your phones overnight ; you might be that it may get overcharged in night and sometimes may get blast ; oh my god isn’t it funnier to hear !

Teaching online may be a myth that more students will be their in online as compared to real classrooms . But self growth , interactions and teaching practical skills will be missing . Because of the communicative nature of online courses , they usually have fewer students per course as compared to face-to-face courses. Not every student participating in higher education will be able to use a computer from home.

Refreshing windows can make PC work quickly but actually it repaints all icons on window or simply updates to latest changes .Using only manufacturers charger or original chargers otherwise battery life will decrease but actually the matter is of variance in current flow that may decrease battery life . Closing apps in background may save our battery but killing an app have no reasons . Putting your mobile on AIRPLANE mode may allow you good networking connections after being discarded  from airplane mode .

Myths are a simple life challenges moreover they are the lack of knowledge which if known to people in a wise manner may not create such confusions . With technology comes power to create and grow but misuse , misguides creates public myths which later may lead to discomfort of gadgets .

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