Marketing and Technology relation

The success of our business is reliant and interdependent on the roles of strategy on marketing and technology. Marketing plays the role in choosing the technology for the business. The relationship between these critical areas is often perceived to be linear in nature. Often times we may give more preference to one area then another will get a negative impact on equilibrium of the business. For getting the maximum benefits of these areas we should maintain relationship between these two. They must exchange information in order to make cohesive and integrated business process, For these we require to design a strategy and implementing the strategy. 

These tells us the importance of having a interrelation between marketing and technology. To ensure customer satisfaction and retention starting the design of the product and service to delivery is must needed. We must establish a connection between these functions in order to acquire and retain business for the current generation customers who are more demanding. The perfect strategy can give us perfect road to success. And implementation is also more important as design. Implementing new software without examining its benefits can result in huge waste of resources  and money. Great strategy is well-supported by the marketing department and the perfect technology tools can yield wonderful results. 

The success lies in understanding the interdependencies of marketing and technology and enabling mechanism to trigger information flow among them while its necessary. This relation between them was growing, technology evolutions have impacted people and companies profoundly over a decade leaving marketers in world of much tech. Even this relationship is rather new over the decades technology departments were helping business with robotics and getting advanced. As the technology is changing gradually and the requirements of marketers and the relation between them also changes. In the department of connecting all tools across the organization marketing people are constantly trying to catch up. 

This role between technology and marketing had attracted great writers and creative minds. From the smallest start-ups to the largest of enterprises, lack of unity between marketers and technology is been shocking. To be transparent and to understand the expectations from each department and share relevant information can give successful results. Encouraging communication between these two gives opportunity for build out the plan that brings success to everyone. 

Companies are successful because of people, processes, data, technology and content. Among prior is people.  

A marketer must have ability to communicate with peers across the business. The best outcome comes when technology and marketing has a strong communication and relation. Technology can help to bring the relevant information needs to get in one place. In this way technology and marketing can view the both initiatives. By bringing these two the company can have more data around a lead and marketing teams can easily identify trends. It’s only wining when both unite. In today’s world it’s all about to bring and do more with less. Most companies at this moment are marketing to their current customer base. if any tactics doesn’t change it eventually leads run out.  

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