Laptop maintenance and care tips to improve its lifespan

Laptops play a very crucial part in our life without them we cannot imagine doing our work hassle-free apart from work we can do gaming, pay bills, surf the internet, fill some kind of online forms, take online classes or a plethora of other activities. We don’t want at the time of working our laptop is getting crashed, lags, making a sound or not turning on that will drag us into big trouble.

It is very important to taking care of laptops, it will increase the speed and life of your laptop and surely gonna give the best performance for a longer period of time.

Maintenance of the laptop will help us to early detect the issues happing with our laptop and will save our time and money as well.

I am going to share some tips for taking care of and maintaining your laptop for its longer life and speed up its performance –


1. Never use the laptop on the bed or carpet



We all make this mistake quite often that we use our laptops on our beds. It can cause harm to your laptop drastically. See what happens when you place your laptop on a bed or pillow it will block the vents of the laptop and the air ventilation too.

laptop exhaust fan inside the laptop is made to cool down the processors and other components of a laptop so because of overheating it not lag in between performing well because it blows away all the hot heat from laptop vents, but when you use it on the bed it will cover most of the air ventilation vents and hot air gets block which can abruptly cause your laptops internal parts because all the airflow will reverse back to vents through to internal parts of the laptop

You can use plywood or pad or a small table or a notebook ten use it , so the air ventilation net gets blocks because air circulation is very important for the internal hardware.

2. Dust cleaning


laptop dustremoval

Laptop cleaning does not restricted to cleaning of keyboard and screen only cleaning hardware from inside is very vital for the performance and longevity of the laptop.

Over time dust is trapped inside the vent, RAM, motherboard, and other components which can 

Clog your laptop and can cause overheating, It will slow down your laptop which leads to loss of our productivity.

Laptops parts are very sensitive so  DO NOT clean laptops by yourself because it is the work of professionals they can do the job perfectly and you will see the performance difference after cleaning laptop dust.

If your laptop is new in that case you don’t need to get cleaned your laptop from inside you can do that 2 or 3 years later.

3. Keep liquids and food away from the laptop



Most of the people having the habit of taking coffee or tea or water and eating food as well near the laptop, Which puts laptops the risk of getting damaged.

Liquid can cause damage to the internal components or cause short circuits which can lead laptops to corrupt data or permanently damage some parts.

So make sure to keep food and liquid away from the laptop.

4. Put laptop inside the case or bag


Laptop bag

Always put the laptop inside the laptop bag or in the protecting case. The cushioning of or bag will protect the laptop from getting damaged and also from dust and moisture.

You can buy any of the laptop cases or bags according to your choice but make sure it has good cushioning to protect your laptop from damage.

5. Close and hold your laptop lid carefully


cracked laptop screen

We usually forgot things like a pencil, rubber, earphones on the laptop, and other small items on the laptop keyboard which can cause screen damage if we mistakenly close the laptop lid at the same time when these things on the laptop’s keyboard.

Also, Don’t lift the laptop from the screen always lift from the base because it can damage the laptop’s hinges and screen as well.

6. Taking care of software as well



Maintaining does and taking care of laptops does not restrict to hardware but from the software point of view also very important.

We should always update our laptops to the latest security and other important system program updates.

Using of the outdated program make laptop sluggish and cause errors.

Defrag the fragmented files if you are using windows because over time data is on the hard drive or SSD will be fragmented so it makes it difficult to find the files on the drive. you can use the Defraggler application for that purpose also for windows.

Defragmentation will regroup the scattered files in their original location sectors of the hard drive which will make your laptop run smoother, Programs run faster and it will increase the lifespan of the drive as well.

Perform a Disk Cleanup to clean old or temporary files and always turned on firewall and antivirus virus so you can always be protected from malicious virus attacks.

7. Purchase original parts 


Original parts

If your want to replace your laptop battery or charger or any kind of RAM and ROM up-gradation work make sure you should always go for trusted or genuine brands, not the generic ones.

8. Plug-In power cable



You always should use a laptop plugged in with a charging cord for a direct power source. when the laptop gets fully charged it will stop charging the battery. It will also increase the performance of the laptop and battery life span of the laptops as well.


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