How drone technology becomes the new face of technology?

Dubai- the city of Gold is in news currently. Yes! you heard it right about the artificial rain. Due to urbanization and people cutting down trees to establish huge empires, it has globally affected the world. It has fail to give the correct climatic condition for the clouds to rain and hence there is a surge in temperatures.

This process of creating artificial changes in weather using drone technology is known as cloud seeding. It results in downpour(rain) or snow. This process focusses on enhancement of precipitation which is quiet low in the Dubai. Now the question arises why is it so? Well, it is because of scarce water resources. The precipitation level observed here is 100mm.

With the help of drones, the electrical charges are given to clouds so that they come together and produce water. Experts believe that this way of producing artificial rain pour out more quantity of water from the clouds. It has been researched that later in future , this method can also be use to finish the war of scarcity of water.

Other side of the coin? 

As the artificial precipitation is generated in a particular area, this may affect the nearby areas. The Chemicals used for making artificial clouds may harm the environment. To counter the same, UAE used a different technique. Instead of using the chemicals, the scientists preferred the use of electrical charges. These charges allow the tiny little droplets to convert into large ones and eventually it leans to down pour.

Evaporation from Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea created heavy clouds and hence it led to artificial rain. An approximate of 126 cloud seeding events were conducted since the start of the year. Experts have been working day & night to manipulate rain in the areas that need it the most.

Other Findings?

As I already mentioned that scientists believe this could help in solving the problem of water scarcity. This may help in producing rains at areas which face drought. Every year, a lot of farmers face this problem, hence this problem can be solved in this way. This can also refill the dried water bodies. There are various lakes and rivers that have dried our in previous years.

China is also running into the same race. They have introduced their weather modification drone to the world namely Ganlin 1. Other features of Ganlin 1 are-

  • First large drone for weather modification purpose.
  • Flights up to 5000km
  • Airborne up to 14 hours.
  • Long-range meteorological detection
  • Gather atmospheric data

Wing Loong 2 is another drone that is used by their forest fire department. This drone has cameras and sensors which helps it enable the location which in turn help the fire fighters to combat fire. Now the question arises how the need raised? It is explained by one amongst the designers-

Currently, fire departments need to send in personnel to detect and monitor forest fires at short range, which usually causes risks for firefighters. Some would use small drones to conduct the task, but small craft are hugely restricted by their short operational time and flight range, therefore large drones like Wing Loong 2 are an ideal option

Wing Loong 10H

This drone is specifically kept for rescue reasons in coastal areas. It is used to find people and ships in case of loss of contact. In addition to it, it provides communication signals and necessary amenities.

Another version of Wing Loong 10 is been created to study typhoons and other marine phenomenon.

Scope Of Drones in Future- 

  • Agriculture- Monitoring and spraying the crops.
  • Relief Aid- To monitor and provide necessities in the need of the hour.
  • Logistics- Drones can even replace heavy trucks.
  • Filmmaking and photography– It is used to capture aerial shots.
  • Real Estate- high-definition videos, as well as to keep a check on the property.
  • Conservation- It can be used to keep  check on endangered species.

Everything that has a positive impact is sure to have some negatives as well. Drone has a problem of radio frequency interference. Because of which it loses control. There is a obvious threat of privacy. Can lead to accidents and repairs. Putting everything into a nutshell, it has a huge scope in future but has little disadvantages as well. Experts are still experimenting things to increase its scope and reduce the negatives of it.

Are you excited to adopt this technology in future?


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