Gadgets to beat COVID-19

The pandemic had effected the lifes of many peoples, and during this pandemic several gadgets have been intoduced to help people to stay safe at these crucial times. Among all those there are 5 prominent gadgets to sustain in these times.

They are :

  1. UV light sanitiser bar.
  2. UV light sanitiser box.
  3. Pulse Oximeter.
  4. Infrared Thermometer.
  5. Sanitiser dispenser.                                                                                                                                             

UV light Sanitiser bar :

The cost of UV light sanitiser bars can be purchased for around 1,000 to 2,000/- . They are sticks with UV light attached to one end. We can just turn on and point them at the objects we wanted to sanitise and then bath than the UV-C light to kill off  any germs present on then within a few seconds. This product guarantees to kill the germs upto 99.9 percentage within 10 seconds to 3 minutes. 

UV light Sanitiser box :

UV light sanitiser box is based on the similar mechanism as the UV light sanitiser bar. It bathes the product which is put inside of the box with UV-C light and within a few seconds it kills of all the germs on the product. These product is available in the market at the price of 2,000 to 4,000/- . Most of these product boxes comes with an ozone disinfectant. 

                   And so the differentiate the boxes a special feature Aroma Therapy chamber is kept in the devices to smell good. 

Pulse Oximeter :

One of the indicators of the covid-19 is low oxygen levels, when we find this little earlier this can save us from treat ourselves faster. Using pulse oximeter is a non-invasion and painless method to do that. This is available from 500 to 1,000 /- . This will simply beam rays of different lights through our fingers then check the oxygen in the blood carrying throught the ends of the body.

Infrared Thermometer :

Due to the unlock phase for the work under progress people started the work and visiting homes, even if they were wearing masks and sanitising themselves it is not woking to a point and so infection comes. So as an additional precautionary step, we should definitely have this infrared thermometer which is very handy to test the temperatures so that they can deny the entry of persons with high temperature.

Sanitiser dispenser :


We should also have electrical sanitiser dispenser installed in our homes so that we can just simply place the hands below this and get sanitized before going to start the work. This will clean the hands of any bacteria or virus that they have got contact with. 


            So for the COVID-19 pandemic which affected many crores of people around the whole world and which is going on increasing every passing day where people has been stuck at homes for longtime but eventually everyone started stepping out for work and different other activities. We should atleast follow the norms like social distancing , sanitising, wearing a mask, and also carrying the gadgets for safety and not meeting people until and unless it is a necessary requirement. 

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