Equipments to start Music Production.

Every Music Producers should have few equipment before starting his / her music production journey . But before going for the equipments every aspiring music should know about these beliefs 

  • Always Trust your ears 
  • Take time for perfection
  • Don’t waste money on expensive software and hardware before doing research 
  • Be experimental with your music .


Always Trust your ears – 

Music producer should trust there ears , they should finalize the sound which they themselves feel was great while listening . Music Producer should trust there ears while mixing  there music , they should always go with the final output which give them the satisfaction they where searching while mixing there music .


Take time for perfection – 

As we know practices makes the man perfect so ,take your time for perfecting the production skills, mixing- mastering skills . 


Don’t waste money on expensive software –  

Before buying the software , one can go with the trail version which are available for free . After working for few days on trail version of software, we get to know whether we will be comfortable with it and then we should take the decision of purchasing it . 


Be experimental with your music – 

Music Producer should always try to do something innovative with there music . They should keep experimenting with there skills and creativity .


Equipment Music Producers should have are – 


1.  The Computer – We can start producing music with a decent computer or laptop with a good CPU with processor starting from 2.4Ghz quad-core power would be enough to run a beginner of DAW, the starting range of ram of about  4gb to 8gb would be sufficient to start producing music , a hard drive with 500gb to 1tb of space would be required  , a decent desktop is sufficient to run the DAW . Some of the best laptops for  music production are 

  • Asus Vivobook X515Ma
  • HP Chromebook x360 Intel Celeron N4020
  • Acer Aspire 5 A515
  • Acer Nitro 5
  • Apple MacBook Pro



As we know that DAW is the platforms where all the music production work is done . From arranging to exporting the final output every thing is done on the DAW .Some DAWs are complex and some are very user friendly and Music Producers should choose it according to there need and budget. Music Producer should review and should take trail version before purchasing the DAW because this would give them the idea whether it is perfect for them or not .There are many online as well as office course available for learning how to operate DAW . There are many DAWs available in the market paid as well as free that one can install easily and Start producing music . Some of the best DAWs are – 

  • Ableton Live 
  • Fl Studio 
  • GarageBand 
  • Logic Pro X 
  • Steinberg Cubase 
  • Acid pro 
  • Avid pro tools .

3. Audio Interface – Audio interface is a device that helps in converting the signals from microphones and instruments to a format that is recognized by the computers . It also sends the audio from computers to the headphones or monitors. Some of the best audio interface for beginners are

  • Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 USB Audio Interface
  • M-Audio M-Track Solo 
  • Vault Control 1 Passive Studio Monitor Controller


4. Studio Headphones or studio Monitors –

Having a good studio headphones or studio monitors is mandatory for starting music production . Studio headphones are designed for using professionally in recording or music production studios . A good pair of headphones or monitors would definitely improve the quality of outputs . Music Producer can easily find the mirror  mistakes with the help of Good Studio Headphones or Monitors . It also play an important role in improving the standard of mixing and mastering process in fact it makes mixing and mastering easy for the Music Producers or Sound Engineers . 

 Some of the best headphones and monitors for beginners are – 

Headphones – 

  • Sennheiser HD 206 507364
  • Behringer HPS3000
  • JBL Quantum 100
  • Audio-Technica Street Monitoring ATH-S100iSBK

Monitors –

  • Presonus Eris E3.5
  • KRK Classic 5 Professional Bi-Amp 5
  • Mackie CR Series Studio Monitor
  • JBL Professional Nano K3 3


5. MIDI Controller – 

MIDI ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a technical format which helps in building communication between the hardware and the music production software or Digital Audio Workstations . MIDI controller can be a keyboard or a launchpad . MIDI controller helps in drum sequencing and also helps the DAW like Ableton in live performance .There are wide range of MIDI controller available costing from $50 to $599.

Some of the best MIDI controller are 

  • Akai Professional MPK mini MK3 – 25 Key
  • Casio CTK-2550 61-Key
  • Nektar GX49 49-Key
  • Akai Professional MPD218
  • Novation Launchpad Mini MK3.


6. Microphones – 

Microphones is a device which is  used for recording vocals and musical instruments . Microphones can be wired and wireless . There are 2 types of microphones Condenser and Dynamic microphones .The Condenser microphones are designed to for professional use in the recording studios and the Dynamic microphones are generally used for the live performance . The price range of microphones is from $ 50 to $1000 

Some for the best studio microphones are – 

  • Rode NT-USB
  • AKG P120
  • Audio-Technica AT2020
  • Behringer C-1U
  • Shure MV7

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