Difference Between Windows and Linux Operating System

Microsoft Windows first version released in 1985. Which is GUI (Graphical user interface ) expansion of its MS-DOS (Disk operating system). Windows is a licensed operating system and its source code is unobtainable. It is designed for commercial and business and for users who don’t have programming knowledge. Windows 95 is the most widely used windows when it was released. Most of the computers are running on windows worldwide. Its latest windows stable version is Windows 10 and the Windows 11 beta version was also released. 

Linux is an open-source operating system that is based on UNIX, 1991. Linux operating system is free and its source is open so developers can debug and do multiple modifications and customization with Linux OS.

It is also based on GUI (Graphical user interface) as well as gives programming user interface as well. It was created by Linus Torvalds so that everyone can use the free operating system and gets open-source code. Linux was first distributed under GNU General Public License in 1992.

Below are some key differences between Windows and Linux-

1. Kernel

Windows uses a micro-kernel which takes less space but lowers the running efficiency of the system.

Linux functions monolithic kernel which takes more space.

2. File type



In windows, files are stored in the form of directories and folders on different drives like drive C: G: E: whereas in Linux files are in the form of a tree-like structure that starts with the root directory then branches out into subdirectories.

In Linux directories are files and, files are files. Externally connected devices such as a Printer, Pendrive are also files.

3. Security

Windows is more prone to virus and malware attacks by hackers because windows is widely used operating system across the globe that’s is why it is mostly targeted by hackers. Windows is more vulnerable when there is no anti-virus is installed. Security patches usually come only few times in a month.

We all know Linux is the most secure operating system than other operating systems in the market. It is much harder to execute a .exe file on Linux because it needs certain kinds of user permission.

Viruses are easily removed if somehow Linux got infected because viruses only infect the user directory, not the root directory.

Linux is community driven so developers around the world regularly monitor it. If any problem occurs it will be resolved within a couple of hours.

4. Usability

Windows is a more user-friendly operating system than Linux. It is the default operating system in most computers or laptops around the world. Installation takes time but anyone can install it by reading instructions without having any sort of prior technical knowledge

Linux is a bit difficult to install when we compare it with windows because it is mostly used by technical people and you should know the various commands while working with Linux OS. Troubleshooting is also quite difficult and complicated in comparison to windows.

5. Compatibility

Almost every application is made for windows because it is a widely used OS around the world. Windows users can use old and outdated application also those which was discontinued like old GTA games still can be run on windows 10.

Linux does not have that much kind of older application compatibility and applications are also very limited in Linux. They are struggling with the basics most of the AAA title games are also 100% compatible with windows, not Linux.

6. Updates

Windows updates arrive at any time whether we are working or need to open windows for taking online meetings or classes and it will take more time and reboot multiple times at the of updating. Users might get frustrated because of that surprising updates.

As I mentioned earlier Linux is community-driven many updates come within a couple of hours of time. We can manually update Linux when we want according to our convenience and will not requires a reboot and updates are installed very quickly as well.

7. Licensing 

Windows is licensed with Microsoft. Users can only install windows only cannot modify the operating system software it does not gives access to its source code.

Linux is licensed with GPL(General Public License) where users are free to modify its source and use it any number of times.

8. Customization

There are a very limited number of customizations available in windows on the other hand Linux has a various distribution which is highly customizable according to the need of the users, because Linux has open-source code so any developer can make modification according to his requirement whereas windows is a closed source software that is why there is limited number of customization, is available.

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