Best Software for Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering both are very important part of music making process ,it completes the process . Mixing and  mastering is giving the final touch up to the songs. Its basically done by either Music Producers or by professional Sound Engineers .As we know the first step is Mixing ,it involves the process of combining individual tracks together  to one single stereo file. Then comes the mastering process, where the stereo file is polished and then we get our finished product . 

Lets have a look in to the mixing process – The Producers or the sound engineers receive the project with different individual tracks , the engineer or the producer then normalize the tracks and then starts working on it . They then EQ the tracks in order to get best output and to adjust the sound frequency of different elements used in the song. Then they apply others effects to the track according to the need of the song. 

Now comes the mastering process – 

The Music Producers or the Sound Engineers now receive the stereo file along with some samples or reference songs to get some knowledge about what kind of sound is to be generated . Mastering Process is giving the finishing touches , and making few adjustments in the EQ , compression and other effects to get the desired output .The main objective of Mastering process is to get high quality outputs , clarity and the desired sound .


Things needed to do mixing and mastering


  • A computer with high end processor , minimum 8gb ram , 1tb of hard drive etc.
  • An excellent quality of headphones or studio monitors.
  • DAW( Digital Audio Workstation )


Some of the best mixing and mastering software are 


  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Ableton live
  • Steinberg Cubase


Avid Pro Tools – 


Avid Pro Tools is the first choice of every mix and master engineer or producer. Avid Pro Tools is a Digital audio workstation developed in 1988 

by two friends   Evan Brooks and Peter Gotcher who were experts in electrical engineering and computer science . Avid pro tools is available for both windows and mac operating systems . It is the best software for mixing and mastering . It enables the user to compose , arrange , record mix and master the music .Avid pro had an attractive mixing console. It is known for its extremely high quality of sound recording and editing features .

The audio file can be imported and exported in Dolby Atmos surround sound formats as well in Avid Pro Tools .All the external devices can be easily connect to Avid Pro tools . 

The Avid Pro tools cost around $599.


Ableton live 


Ableton live was introduced in 1999 . It is available for both Mac and Windows. Gerhard Behles, Robert Henke, and Bernd Roggendorf are the co-founders of Ableton live .From a homemade software to make  the live performance easy the Ableton live was developed . Ableton live is known to be used as a instrument for live performance . It is known as the best DAW for arranging , composing , recording , mixing and mastering of the music . It also have features like beatmatching and cross-fading which is popularly used by DJs . Ableton live has two views- 1. Arrangement view 2. Session view. Ableton live has many inbuilt instruments and sample packs. We can import and export the audio in mp3 , wav many other formats . Ableton do have a great built mixing and mastering channel. The users can easily connect there external hardware like midi devices , headphones to Ableton live .The price range of Ableton live is from $79 – $799 . There are three version -Intro , Standard and  Suite.

There are many more DAWs available but before selecting the right DAW one should review his/ her budget , experience level , operating system , and do he/ she perform live etc then go with the suitable DAW . 


Steinberg Cubase 


Cubase is Steinberg’s digital audio workstation developed in 1989. It is available for both windows and mac operating systems . Initially Cubase was only available for Atari St computer as midi sequencer and later it was developed as a complete digital audio workstation . Cubase is also considered as one of the best software for mixing and mastering .

The Cubase offers unlimited audio and midi tracks . Cubase also enables the user to compose , arrange , record , mix and master the music . Cubase has an user friendly mixing console . It also allows all the external devices to connect easily like midi keyboards , headphones , studio monitors etc. Cubase Produce a very high quality of output . Cubase has all the plugins and effects needed for mixing and mastering . The price of Cubase is around $550 .


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