Best Smart Speakers for Smart Home

Days have changed people are shifting from normal speakers to smart speakers in which you are not only can control and listen to the music but you can turn your home into a smart home. These smart devices are equipped with processors and Machine learning and Artificial intelligence-based voice assistants like Alexa and Google voice assistant.

You can ask questions to voice assistance or can request to turn On/Off any smart device.

Smart speakers can also control your home appliances like LED bulbs, Fans, AC’s, Microwaves and many more just by your voice command it is not necessary that you have smart home appliances for controlling through smart speakers smart plugs are there in the market so you can plug any normal appliances with it then it can be controlled with help of smart speakers.

Smart speakers getting huge popularity it can help children with their homework,

Set timers play music and many more things which makes our life easy. So if you are looking for good smart speakers below is the list just for you-

1. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)-

Amazon Echo Dot 2020 4th gen

The 4th Gen Amazon Echo smart speaker has got a design transformation. Eco dot comes in a round design that places them separate from many of the smart speakers. It comes in three colour choices- White, Blue and Black.

The Amazon Echo looks like a small football. To create things more elegant, Amazon has enveloped the new Echo dot in a fabric grill and light ring throughout the base. The smart speaker is furnished with 4 microphones.

Like other amazon devices, Alexa is there for voice assistance support. Echo dot is powered with Dolby so it delivers more premium sound. Echo dot comes up with a microphone turn off button for privacy purposes which is a good thing.

It has added on features like an in-built Zigbee smart home hub so your other smart devices will be connected with Alexa like smart bulbs can Turn On/Off with your voice command and a new AZ1 neural edge processor it will process the voice request faster and recognised and adapt according to your voice every time because Alexa is based on the cloud so it keeps itself up to date.

You can stream thousands of songs from various applications like amazon prime music, Jiosaavan, Gaana and Spotify for hands-free music according to your preference and language.

 You can convert your home into a smart home it can control your Air Conditioner, TV, geyser and smart plugs etc. 

It is currently priced at Rs.7,999 on amazon with a 1-year warranty.

2. Google Nest Audio

The Google Nest Audio is a huge leap from the normal Google Home smart speakers. In reality, this is the solitary Google smart speaker that really seems like a speaker in real life. Although Google ensured more excellent sound quality across the Home speakers.

Nest audio work extremely great as a smart speaker, It has good microphones and clear output. It can listen to your instruction from so far and literally can listen to background voices as well.

 The Nest audio speaker is extra louder and extra bass over the Google Home.

The entire performance of nest audio is pretty good. 

The Google voice assistant appears out noisy and crystal clear and can be clearly understood even when you’re not near to the speaker. It is equipped with three microphones so it can amazingly in large rooms as well.

This smart speaker is not for outdoor usage because it always needs to be connected with a power supply, It is best for indoor usage.

It also possesses a microphone to turn on and off buttons for privacy.

Nest audio performs all tasks through Google voice assistant just you have to say Ok Google or Hey Google to activate it you can command multiple things like play music, ask any question, listen to the weather report, set timer and alarm and control your smart home devices.

It currently priced at Rs. 7,999


3. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen

If you are looking for a smart speaker at an economical price rate then Eco Dot 3rd gen is for you.

It comes with a price tag of Rs. 3,299 which can vary a which time you are seeing it.

You can speak in both Hindi and English to give commands to Alexa.

It has some common features as amazon echo dot 4th gen like Alexa technology speakers driver size is also same and we can control our home smart devices and appliances, just a couple of things differs which is it gives muddy sound at a higher volume in gen 3 and major change is the processor which gen 3  uses MediaTek MT516 whereas gen 4 is equipped with latest AZ1 Neural Edge processor. 

It is a good smart speaker in this price segment and all the features are also justify its price so you can unquestionably go for it if you are looking for a cheaper smart speaker for making your home smart.


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