Best photo editing apps for Android and iOS

Photo editing makes standard pictures into extraordinary pictures. Family function, picnic, wedding, party pictures, and many more events pictures we can make them more memorable with the help of photo editing. 

We can give life to old photos by filling colors in them with the help of photo editing software also we can restore if some images are damaged.

We can make passport size photos with help of photo editing applications because the need for a passport size image is everywhere nowadays while applying for a job or put it on the resume,

You don’t need to rush into the photo studio every time you can edit images by yourself.

Photo editing has no boundaries it up to our creativity how we can be more creative but most of the applications made our task easy by adding different types of filters we just have to select them and apply them to our photos that’s it.

We can make use of these features to adjust brightness, RGB colors curves, crop photos, replace and add new colors, sharp the images, converting photos into monochrome, adding text on the images, removing the background from photos, and enhancing looks by fixing head position, hair, and skin healing features, and many other features.

All these editing features can easily be found in any photo editing application nowadays.

Back then when the smartphone was not discovered we all used to edit our photos on computers mostly with Adobe photoshop, But after the arrival of smartphones, it became possible to edit pictures on our smartphones on the go which is quite amazing.

I agree that we can not match the editing level of PC photo editing software but smartphones applications have most of the features which computer editing software like photoshop possesses.

Let us look at some of the top photo editings applications –

1. Snapseed


snapseed interface

Snapseed was originally created by Nik software but now it is owned by Google. It supports both iOS and Android. 

Snapseed is the leading photo editing application in that category. Its interface is very easy to use and at the same time, it edits photos very charmingly.

Snapseed has many professional tools features like we can auto-adjust or manually white balance and Tune images like we increase or decrease brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows, and warmth.

Snapseed having a healing tool from which we can remove any scar, pimple, mole on our face just have to zoom in on the picture and apply it to that area then the magic works automatically.

It has a Lens blur tool from which we can blur the parts of images we want.  Also, we can adjust the head with a head pose tool, Give our photos a scratchy look by adding grunge, we can add frames, and text to photos as well.

The double exposure tool is very useful when we want to add another image to our photo so we can adjust that or blend it with the existing photo.

Another awesome feature is we can selectively edit parts of the images with the selective feature tool.





Picsart is an all-in-one photo editor tool for smartphones. we can say PicsArt is the Photoshop of smartphones that we use on our PCs.

This is one of the first applications that introduced editing in layers and we can also remove the background of any image using a background eraser it just like we do in PC  photoshop. It has different photo cropping features as well.

We can add trendy filters and popular photo effects.

Also, we can do-

Cloning of images and add overlays on the images, create lines, Free crop, Blur with AI-powered smart selection, Add stickers, change the color of hairs and add 200+ designer fonts to images and we can make collages as well.

PicsArt has many more other common features given within the PicsArt.

PicsArt has integrated a video editor inside the app.


3 Pixlr – Free Photo Editor



Pixlr is an editor choice photo editor app in the google play store. It supports iOS as well.

The best thing is about Pixlr is that it is a very lightweight application of about 40 megabytes but it gives all the important features we want in an ideal photo editing software.

We can use its built-in inside camera application for clicking pictures with different filters and make collages as well.

 Pixlr photo editor app also has tools like-

Autofix, double exposure, blur, red-eye removal, skin healing, sharpen, auto contrast, and the most amazing feature is color splash which in which we can change the colors in the pictures and add different tints to colors.

Apart from tools we can add different overlays, effects, and stylize.

We can add text to images as well with different font styles.


4. Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor & Pro Camera


Adobe light room

It is a free application for some basic features, but requires a subscription for features like import RAW images and edits the photos, geometry, healing brush, support of selective adjustment, handles metadata, color enchantment, cloud sync, Sensei AI Search for Premium Subscribers only available to premium subscribers.

We can edit photos from the sliders let you control photos from the properties.

All the photos are synced with adobe creative so you can edit on other devices as well.

Most of the features are available after taking a creative cloud subscription and if you are a professional who wants its work to a whole new level then the subscription is worth purchasing.


5. Adobe Photoshop Express


Photoshop express user interface

Photoshop Express provides us features like –

perspective correction, remove noise, apply blur, personalize with style, choose from hundreds of looks, effects, and filters for pictures, assemble stunning pic, collages, spot healing, quick fixes, quality photo import, and sharing so we can import images without any hassle.

Besides its big name, it does not have that many features which other applications are having but it is good if you want basic features only and we have take subscription for some premium features.

It supports both android and iOS.




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