Music Production software better known as “DAW” ( Digital Audio Workstation). As we Know music Production is the procedure of creating , composing , arranging and recording of music. Music Production requires creative as well as technical knowledge and skills . A good listening skill with a great knowledge of music is also mandatory to start music production . The person who perform all the steps of music production and who have all these skills is known as music producer .

Some famous Music Producer are –

Dr. Dre , A.R Rahman , Timbaland and Yo Yo Honey Singh .

Coming towards music production software ( DAW) , are the software required for digital composition , recording , arrangement of music .

Its been 40 years since music production software were developed.

In 1960s and 1970s the first music software was developed , which was the base for development of music production software. Earlier the large computer were needed to run the music production software but now it could be run on smartphones .

The MIDI  format technology was developed in 1978 , which gives the music producer to control external instruments and hardware in the Daw .

Some of the Best Music Production Software are 

  • Fl Studio 
  • Logic Pro
  • Ableton live



 FL studio know as fruity loops is a Belgian company Image line’s product launched in 1997 .

Fl studio has an user friendly interface ,which works with both windows and mac os and now its available for smartphones as well .It is the best Daw for beginners. It have features like pitch shifting and correction , time stretching , cutting and chopping etc. It allows user to compose , arrange, record and mix master the music . Fl studio has many inbuilt instruments and sample packs .We can export / import the audio in mp3, wav, ogg and midi etc formats. Fl studio do have a user friendly mixing and mastering channel .In Fl studio we can make any type of music we want but it is popular in making trap , hip hop and electronic dance music . Users can easily connect there hardware like midi devices , headphones , monitor and microphones etc. The latest version available of FL studio is Fl studio version 20. Many famous music producer use fl studio to make hit music .The price of Fl studio is starting from $99 to $499. It comes with four edition – fruity edition , producer’s edition , signature edition and all plugins edition .



Logic pro was developed in 1990s know as Notator Logic . It was developed by a software developer of Germany known as C-lab which was then named as Emagic . In 2002 Apple acquired Emagic and named it as Logic pro. Now know as Logic Pro x . Logic pro is only available for mac user . It has an attractive and easy user interface . Logic pro also allows the users to compose , arrange , record ,  mix and master the music .As Logic pro is an Apple’s Product , it produces a very high quality outputs.

Logic pro have features like track consolidation , layering of instruments,control of plugins .

Logic Pro also have features like virtual drummer , synths and pad controller etc. Logic pro also have many inbuilt instruments and sample packs . We can export / import  the audio in mp3, wav, and many other formats. Logic Pro do have a well built mixing and mastering channel. The user can easily connect there external device like Midi devices, headphones , studio monitors , microphones etc. Apple’s Logic Pro is priced in between of $199 to $499 .



Ableton live was introduced in 1999 . It is available for both Mac and Windows. Gerhard Behles, Robert Henke, and Bernd Roggendorf are the co-founders of Ableton live .From a homemade software to make  the live performance easy the Ableton live was developed . Ableton live is known to be used as a instrument for live performance . It is known as the best DAW for arranging , composing , recording , mixing and mastering of the music . It also have features like beatmatching and cross-fading which is popularly used by DJs . Ableton live has two views- 1. Arrangement view 2. Session view. Ableton live has many inbuilt instruments and sample packs. We can import and export the audio in mp3 , wav many other formats . Ableton do have a great built mixing and mastering channel. The users can easily connect there external hardware like midi devices , headphones to Ableton live .The price range of Ableton live is from $79 – $799 . There are three version -Intro , Standard and  Suite.

There are many more DAWs available but before selecting the right DAW one should review his/ her budget , experience level , operating system , and do he/ she perform live etc then go with the suitable DAW .

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