The newest Sony XR processor is housed in the Sony X90J. In short, after the Sony X1 series of CPUs the XR processor is the next generation processor. The X1 Ultimate is the highest level of the X1 series CPU. The XR processor improves the experience of TV content consumption. With dimming areas the X90J offers complete array backlights. TV can support any popular Dolby Vision, HDR and HLG formats. Dolby Atmos is also supported by this TV. The television is running Android 10, but includes the entire new experience of Google TV usage. Google TV is a restructured user interface experience. When it comes to play, the X90J features a 2.1 full speed HDMI port for your XboX Series x and ps5 with a 124 Hz display having a 4K resolution and two full-speed HDMI 2.1 ports with a VRR (varying radiation rate) and ALLM (auto low-latency mode with a delay of 10 m). The X90J is certainly outdone by the ability of its X95J step-up counterpart for a little cost boost, featuring midway off-axis views and problems with bright sunshine. Significant performance for an adequate price is still successful with the Sony Bravia X90J. A portion of the highlights of Sony Bravia X90J resemble top tier picture quality, great upscaling and full-bodied sound. Its is priced around ₹159,900 in India.




A 75-inch, QLED TV, as the name indicates. The backlight of the Full Array is 192 dimming areas. The TV features an extra feature and operates on the Android TV interface. A 4K resolution is included in the MI QLED TV. Besides the Android TV UI, the PatchWall UI is available to users. PatchWall is Xiaomi’s unique user interface and contains contents before the real time functionality. HDMI 2.1 is one of the main features of the TV. All 3 HDMI TV ports are enabled for HDMI 2.1. One of these ports upholds the PS5 and Xbox Series X while each ports supports the 3 ALLM. The TV does not support VRR nor support 4K at 120 Hz unfortunately. The TV supports Dolby Vision, H Dolby 10+ and HDR and also supports the Dolby Atmos sound bar or home theatre, linked to a Dolby Atmos through eARC. The TV has a remote control enabled by Google Assistant. A portion of the highlights of Mi Qled television are acceptable SDR ,Dolby Vision execution, HDMI 2.1 highlights – ALLM and eARC, great gaming execution at 60Hz, PatchWall is a decent UI, well-built and hands voice controls function admirably. Its is priced around ₹119,999 in India.




The Samsung Q90A is a Neo QLED Samsung 4K TV. It runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS and provides customers with access from the comfort of the UI to all prominent streaming providers. The TV may also be used in HDR formats such as HDR 10, HDR 10+ and HLG.  The form factor of the TV is quite thin. No external equipment, such as a set-top box, has to be plugged into to access this free material. The free channels are provided with the convenience of the interface. The TV may be controlled by users using the equipped speaker Alexa or Google Assistant. The TV has a sound output of 60W and 4,2.2 channel configuration.  Furthermore, the TV supports HDMI 2.1, ALLM, VRR and 4K at 120 Hz. It comes with Samsung TV Plus, which gives consumers access to free channels for content consumption. The cause of the free channels is that they receive ads. Its is priced around ₹249,990 in India.




It features an incredibly thin form and is the flagship of LG OLED TV from 2020. When installed on the wall, the wall of this TV seems flush like the frame of a photo. The TV features an HDR 10, Dolby vision and Dolby atmosphere and support panel of 4K. The TV includes remote microphones so you do not have to operate the TV by remote control. Just say, Hey LG and the TV are going to heed your orders. The TV operates on the WebOS platform of LG and supports all prominent integrated streaming services. It also features a home table which allows your smart home devices to be controlled. This TV is also an ideal choice for gamers as all the four HDMI ports offer HDMI 2.1 with ALLM, VRR and 4K compatibility at 120Hz. A portion of the highlights of LG GX are extraordinary picture propagation in HDR, great upscaling for 1080p substance, Smooth and simple to utilize UI, Supports HDMI 2.1 for gaming and Easy to utilize remote controller. Its is priced around ₹249,429 in India.



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