Best External 500 GB SSD (Solid State Drive)

An external Solid-state drive (SSD) is much faster than an external hard disk drive (HDD) if I explain with an example External HDD 30 minutes of data transferring can be completed within 5 to 10 minutes with an SSD.

That is why people are buying laptops and computers with the combination of SSD and Hard Disk Drive because SSD loads and processes computer programs faster than HDD. 

One of the major benefits of SSD is that it is long-lasting and not make any sort of sound while operating because there are no mechanical parts involved in SSD.

SSD’s are quite costlier than HDD’s but it is way faster than HDD’s and you can store your files and transfer them wasting without any time. So if you are looking for one here are my top picks given below-

 1. Samsung T5

samsung T5 SSD

Samsung is one of the leading companies which provides the best External SSD.

This SSD is one of the most famous external SSDs available in the market. 

T5 comes up with a price tag of Rs. 5,999 Which can vary at which time you are seeing it. It has a 3 years warranty.

The design of the Samsung T5 very compact it weighs around 51 grams and slim

so it will easily fit in your pocket and you can take it anywhere.

It is made of a full metal body so it cools down quickly if it overheats while usage and In case if it is dropped by mistake it will not going to be damaged like HDD.

Samsung T5 can achieve a transfer  speed of up to 540 MB per second, which is almost

4.9 times quicker than a conventional HDD.

This SSD supports USB 3.1-second generation it is the latest version of the USB interface.

Samsung T5 comes up with password protection for data security and AES 256 bit encryption for hardware.

T5 supports all the operating systems in the market.

It has software embedded in it so you can easily change SSD passwords anytime with PC’s and for smartphones you need an app for it, you can also get the latest firmware updates.

2. Sandisk 500 GB SSD

Sandisk 500GB SSD

Sandisk is known for its flash storage in the market, the popularity of its MicroSD cards we all know. Its is one the most reliable company in the market. 

Sandisk SSD cost you around Rs. 6000 to 8000  according to different e-commerce websites and has 3 years long warranty which don’t cover physical damage.

It has and compact design which is very strong and easy to carry, it weighs around 39 grams which is the lightest SSD in my picks.

Sandisk SSD has the latest USB 3.1 interface because it can transfer data up to 550MB per second.

It comes up with an IP55 rating so it is dust and water-resistant.

This SSD supports all the operating systems. It comes with a USB Type-C to C, Type C to A adapter.

It also has 128 bit AES hardware encryption.


3. SEAGATE Barracuda 500GB


This list is incomplete without mentioning any product from Seagate, It is one of the industry leaders in data storage companies.

This SSD by Seagate cost you around Rs. 6000 to 7000.

It has 3 years long warranty which includes rescue data recovery for 3 years which will help you in accidental data loss which a very good thing for an extra layer of protection, But chances are less because it is shock resistant.

Barracuda design looks similar to a mouse and it has a wide green LED light indicator which turns on when connected to any system which looks very classy.

Talking about data transfer rate, It has a USB 3.0 Interface in which the data transfer rate goes up to 540 Mbps.

Barracuda has sync plus software so your files always synced and remain protected.

You can take 50+ gaming titles with you in this SSD and it boots games faster so it will give a smooth performance while playing games.

This SSD supports all the operating systems and you can connect it with type-C to type-C Cable and type C to A as well.

All of these SSD’s are available on the e-commerce websites so you can check them out from there.


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