Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is growing more important in today’s society, which is dominated by technology and data. It’s widely utilized in a variety of industries, including search engines, image recognition, robotics, and finance.. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of technologies that enables robots to detect, comprehend, act, and learn.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are created to make judgments based on real-time data.. Unlike passive machines, which can only respond mechanically or in a preset manner. They combine information from a number of various sources, analyses the material quickly, and act on the insides produced from those data’s via sensors, digital data, or remote inputs.

AI systems could adapt and process situations and data leading to much accurate decisions. AI at present are used in variety of sectors, such as finance, national security, health care, criminal justice, transportation and smart cities. One of the reasons for AI’s rising importance is the enormous potential for economic development it provides.

Future of AI in Finance 

Since its debut in the 1950s, artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in banking and finance. AI includes anything from rule-based technologies and probability-based approaches for detecting fraud to rudimentary neural networks for optical recognition and automated stock and option trading. AI automate such processes which results in  much improved accuracy and efficiency .

AI and deep learning have vast  application in deposits and lending, insurance , payments and capital markets. These technologies are now used in assessing the right permission in insurance markets and making predictions about stock market prizes based on large number of variables, which can then be used for automated trading .


The Risk Involved

AI is being used more and more in connected systems such as in stock markets for automated trading, unaccepted catastrophic failure could lead to the widespread failure of entire systems. There are several ethical concerns surrounding AI’s usage in finance, notably concerns about privacy and the exploitation of personal data.

So, we conclude that AI is the new electricity and with great opportunity comes great responsibility. AI isn’t flawless, and when applied incorrectly, it may be dangerous. AI can lead us to immensely challenging scenarios related to ethics and accountability and we will need to leverage the very best of our humanity if we are to find the solutions we need .


AI neural network 

We are pleased when we are liked or appreciated on social media, we construct virtual worlds for ourselves, and strangers affect our well-being all day, every day., as we share feelings in this virtual space through emoticons and emojis, rather then through actually smiling and speaking in the real world. So at present time, a team from Columbia university has developed a system that combines deep learning with a speech synthesizer that translates once thoughts to words. There have already been significant shifts in the virtual world’s interdependence on our real-world happiness and emotional quotient.. 


Criminal Justice 

AI has the potential to be a part of a criminal justice system. It helps in investigate process. It allows, our criminal justice system to provide and maintain a better public safety system. AI plays particularly important role in the criminal justice perspective by providing pattern recognition. The efficiency of humans at recognizing patterns helped the AI algorithms and computer hardware to replicate this human capability. 

 The future of AI 

In recent times, privacy has become a lost concept has the commercialization and trading of data become more common place. In much the same way the blood sperm bank exist today, it is likely that in the future there will be data banks stocked full with data to fuel sophisticated analytics in a vast array of fields. People will be able to knowingly and freely deposit there human data in these bank for research and deep learning performed by machines. It will also be possible to sell and earn revenue from personal data transactions .


National security 

AI plays a crucial role in defense. AI will revolutionize the traditional process of war fare. With the involvement of AI a new term has been coined : Hyper war.   AI will drastically change the speed of war. It will enhance the human role and will also provide leverage to technology.



AI solutions will revolutionize business analytics in the same way that word-processor and spread sheet revolutionized business process. The responsibility for meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by this technological shift is shared by individuals, companies and government alike how we choose to shoulder this responsibility will determine the rewards we reap.

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