Artificial Intelligence : Will it replace Human Beings ?


The upcoming era demands for uncertain competition in every field of organization that sparks the need of inevitable discussions whether to have “AIas future or Human beings” . Though transformation is the need of technology humans upgrade themselves in day-to-day life for their ease to make things easier and better . AI eases to make tasks impossible to possible .  The human brain is responsible for the certain changes in technological environment that include various criteria . The beauty of AI enhances as it makes work simpler and easier to carry out . A complex set of numerical function can’t be carried out by a simple human so easily whereas computers makes it easiest , this is how AI helps .But as we are discussing about Human intelligence not be replaced as they are the creators of AI itself . They are the ones who faced problems and created their solutions resulting in advance AI . AI leads to a clear spectrum of replacing human in future by 2030.

There still exists myths Whether AI will conquer earth , Will Human exist in near future ?

So, we may say yes AI leads to help doctors in analyzing , diagnosing , scanning and medicinal revolution . In Big data and computer industries AI plays a major role in overcoming errors , data handling problems , managing statistical calculations , robotics and IoT. AI continues to become logical as well as operational innovator for future . AI may not need humans existence  but can probably make them jobless . The uprising AI case studies show that “ML [MACHINE LEARNING] and DL [DEEP LEARNING]” algorithms are making computers programs by which machines will be able to operate by themselves by just giving orders or entering problems . The major motive to develop AI started from “Virtual Fictions to Real World facts” .

The AI exits with a motive of showcasing human life easier . It may seem AI is better but somewhat it is because of human efforts . In basic perspective AI needs to be instructed and updated in time to time otherwise it will lead to lack of technology . AI can get either fastest or can lead to slow down processes management which human can handle easily like designing new programs , microchips and so on .

AI is working as a major platform in representing Human life .Countries like China , UK , America , China are consequently working on success to make their nations full of AI based . They need Human power to be replaced by AI power . Restaurants , hospitals and Auto-Mobiles will be soon instructed by AI works which will be robots . Robots their by need maintenance which could only be done by human .

Hence , AI not Exist without Human 

Hence , robots need to be instructed . AI existence is a gift of human but human existence needs to deal with AI so that stay friendly .  Like human existence depends totally on technologies of AI based in daily chores . No technique is more reflective of its creators than AI. We may say that there are no “machine” values at all, but machine values are human values. A human-centered approach to AI means these machines don’t have to be our competitors, but partners in securing our well-being.

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