Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps us to boost social media income while lowering the expenses of planning, development, and management. 


What is Artificial intelligence (AI) ?

AI is a broad phrase that encompasses wide range of technologies as machine learning, image processing, speech recognition, deep learning, and others. It enables computers to do particular cognitive tasks better than humans. AI also provides our favourite voice assistant. 

AI relevancy to social media :

AI is most significant technology component on social media sites. AI powers the world’s most popular social networking platforms for increasing modern technology and upgrades. face recognition in postings and powerful machine learning technologies are used in facebook for targeting people with the advertisements. while instagram uses AI to recognise various images, snapchat uses AI to monitor characteristics and to create an overlay in real time. whereas LinkedIn uses AI to provide different job suggestions and serve items in feed. 


For social media AI improves marketing in two major ways, Decreases costs and Increases revenue . AI helps team to concentrate on important works by partially or entirely automating some of the more labor-intensive processes which consumes their time like scheduling, posting shares, fetching relevant tags and links and so speeding up the research process. AI also improve effectiveness of social media posts and strategy, resulting in more engagements and returns to social media efforts and can assists us in getting most effective content and most appropriate audiences. AI can create more effective advertising. 

9 AI Tools to streamline social media strategy :

        1. Yotpo : 

                          yotpo manages client reviews, moderating tool analyses consumer feedback and attitudes, gives information to how to enhance your goods and services. It is also used to increase sales by collecting data from previous reviews and provides it to the potential customers. 

        2. AI-Writer :

                            AI is not only data processing technology but also can be used to create content. AI-Writer can produce blog entries. This programme may save content producer lots of time when labour is producing a new blog.

        3. :

                             This is an AI-powered sales tool that automates email communication and personalised conversation. This replicate human discussions by giving potential clients a natural experience and thereby learning product needs before transferring the discussion to real sales professional. 

        4. NetBase : 

                              NetBase takes social media listening a step further by including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its AI-powered system monitors social media discussions in real time to give real-time feedback on audience’s reaction to the newest brand news, which helps marketers defend their brands, enhance crisis management and increase campaign results. 

         5. Node : 

                               Node AI platform uses data from people and organisations to anticipate the company managerial events effectively. Marketing, automation, management consulting, job applicant monitoring, and many other applications may all benefit from these insights. 

         6. Atomic Reach : 

                                 Atomic reach AI technology is like having a content marketing assistant on staff. Its content switchover platform uses conversion optimisation and business analytics to help organisations convert their content into sales. while it also aids SEO and offers seamlines improvements for blog headlines and tone. 

          7. :

                                  It is a marketing platform which allows user to search and sift through big contact databases fast. The sales intelligence application helps stack contact information and then generate list of prospects. 

           8. Crayon : 

                                   It uses AI to automate competitive analysis. Its technology visualises competitive data in single panel to keep advertisers up to date with latest market news and developments. 

            9. Unscreen :

                                    unscreen makes AI to completely eliminate backgrounds from videos, we can capture the film anywhere and remove the background with ease. 


AI aids measurement of performance, tracking and analysis of every action on social media and So companies have a clear view of customers likes and decisions. Search engine optimization is also based on performance indicators. AI provides flawless personalization for social media platforms.        

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