Apps that are useful in our daily life

From Dawn to Dusk we are dependent on our smartphones. Apps play a vital role in our day to day life and enhance our work productivity throughout the day.

Here are some is which will make you manage your life and daily routine easy-

1. Money management apps

If you are not tense up and can’t manage your money record, the money management apps work for you. These applications help you by managing all your spending and help you in controlling your money. There are several applications for money management But my personal favourite is Walnut. You can also try Money view as well.




This app is a money management app that accommodates you in monitor your money and savings. It spontaneously but safely tracks all monthly spending & bills you paid. 

Walnut app keeps records of monthly ATM withdrawals, analyzes your SMS inbox on phone, add notes, tags, and bill/receipt photos to transactions and detects essential info associated with spends, bills, and tickets. Walnut app tracks credit card dues so that you have control over your investments. You can split bills with your friend too.

You will become your own personal finance manager by installing this

2. Notes taking applications

Nearly all smartphones have pre-installed note-taking apps and mobile phone manufacturers integrating that app with their UI. But those pre-installed apps do not satisfy our requirements. But we don’t have to worry about it because there are many choices of Note-taking applications in the app store, So no need to use pre-installed note-taking apps anymore. My personal favourite apps is ColorNote & Evernote.

A. Evernote


Evernote is based on cloud software service note-taking application. It saves all the information in a well-organised and orderly way. This app is intended for multiple platforms and devices. 

Evernote features comprise of creating notes and to-do lists in different formats. With Evernote, you can take notes and you can also save images, audio & video clips. 

It syncs notes to the cloud and so that you can locate the notes from the web browser and from any device. It manages your notes systematically, it is very necessary for someone who takes down many notes and memos.

B. ColorNote


ColorNote is also a favourite note-taking app for Android in the play store.  

You can make different notes and a checklist which can be clipped on the smartphone home screen.

This app allows you to change the background colour of notes to store them systematically. You can quickly distinguish relevant notes just by viewing the background colour.

It works offline and also if you signed in it can store your data on the cloud so you can access them anytime on any android device by just signing in. It is a very lightweight app so it does not take much space on your device.

3. Photo Editing Apps

Photo editing apps grew more famous following the popularity of cameras in the smartphone. You can retouch any picture with the help of a photo editing application and improve the colour, sharpness, Add filters, Change Brightness, Change the background and several other features available on different applications 

You can check my “Best photo editing applications post” from here.

But if I have to pick one It will be definitely Snapseed.



This photo editing app has numberless editing tools like tune image to lighting effects, tonal contrasts, curves, double exposure, frames, HDR scape, healing, blur and many more.

To make the entire process easier there are online lessons are also available. This is not only intended for specialists only but also made for everybody so anyone can use it hassle free.

4. Taxicab Booking apps

Ola cab UI

Cab booking apps is a highly valuable and important app on your smartphone. You can hire a taxi from everywhere in the city and at any time.

There is no need to have a personal car. These cab services are cost-effective and dependable. You can install UBER and Ola for cab booking purposes, You can install one or both of them according to your choice and availability of cabs on a particular app.

5. Food delivery and News applications


Food delivery apps are very useful nowadays people coming from the office or don’t want to spend much time in restaurants or don’t want to waste time on cooking some days there are applications Like  Swiggy, Zomato and pizza outlets have their own applications Like Dominos and Pizzahut all these applications comes in handy.


News applications are also very important to get up to date on what’s going on if you don’t want to spend much time reading, If you are busy or want to get a quick summary update about the whole news then Inshorts is for you.

Inshorts is a news application that picks the latest and top news from various national and international references and sums up them to show you in a precise and brief manner. The user interface is also pretty user-friendly you just have to swipe up to switch to the next news short.


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