AOC C32G2ZE 240 Hz Monitor Quick Review : Excellent Gaming

AOC C32G2ZE 240 Hz Monitor

Many monitor performance factors can affect your gaming experience. Speed ​​and responsiveness certainly top the list, but still and moving image quality is equally important. Many players distinguish screens based on resolution. Here we must consider the trade-off between the processing power of PC graphics and the number of pixels moving on the screen. There is no doubt that AOC C32G2ZE is very suitable for gamers. It also has good build quality, and is priced at $330 at the time of writing. In addition to pixel density, there is everything you need for a gaming monitor. We browsed the entire monitor review database and did not find any FHD monitors larger than 27 inches.

This means that the pixel density of this AOC is 69 pixels per inch (ppi), and our favorite best point value is 109 pixels per inch. C32G2ZE is equivalent to a 65-inch 4K TV (68ppi), but you are sitting 10 meters away from C32G2ZE. The advantage is of course the performance of the game. C32G2ZE runs at 240Hz and can reach full speed without the need for an expensive graphics card. It supports AMD FreeSync Premium up to 48 Hz and Low Frame Rate Compensation (LFC), so you won’t see any image jumps. No certification is required to run Nvidia GSync (see How to run GSync on a FreeSync monitor).The display also adds a nice overload function to minimize motion blur.

Accessories of AOC C32G2ZE

C32G2ZE consists of three parts: base, bracket and cover. It can be assembled without tools, and the finished block is very durable, but lighter than its size implies. The AOC monitor includes HDMI and DisplayPort cables and IEC cables for internal power supply. The front panel of the AOC C32G2ZE is very thin and flush, measuring only 7 mm.The lower strip is 23 mm wide, with a small AOC logo and a small red border. If you look closely, you will see a subtle edge effect at the bottom that we have never seen before.Repeat the red shading where the base meets the rivets. The stand cannot be adjusted except for tilting 3.5 / 21.5 degrees.

Its height is suitable for ordinary desktops, and we can keep it in a perfect upright position for gaming. This is the best way to use 1800R flex. The two chevrons in the photo appear to be backlit, but they are only reflective.
You can remove the screws to expose the 100 mm VESA bracket, you need your own hardware to do this. The smooth grille ensures fanless cooling of the internal components. 
AOC C32G2ZE has no built-in speakers, but the audio is routed to a 3.5mm jack through HDMI and DisplayPort. Where you can plug in the best gaming headsets or powered speakers. The two HDMI ports are 2.0 and the only DisplayPort is 1.2. They all support AdaptiveSync, but you need a DisplayPort to reach the maximum of 240Hz.

Functions of AOC C32G2ZE

On-Screen Display (OSD) C32G2ZE is the familiar AOC function area that appears at the bottom of the screen. We miss the joysticks in many gaming monitors and have to be satisfied with the choice of control buttons.
After a while, everything became intuitive, but the joystick got better and better.

Gaming Performance

AOC C32G2ZE puts forward an interesting riddle: On the one hand, its color accuracy and contrast are very attractive, but the pixel density is only 67ppi. You can see the 34-pixel structure, and we spent a lot of time researching games, videos, and photos to understand how this unique display performs in real life. The font is 100% scaled, and the text is easy to read, but not as clear on smaller displays. We have no problems reading news articles or developing productivity applications. But the text has become smoother than we are used to. The small symbols look sharp, but they are a bit less than usual.

Color Reproduction

There are no complaints about color rendering or contrast. Both are number one. The black levels appear deep, making the picture lifelike. If you need to enlarge a bright room, you can also use higher brightness. Watching videos on YouTube is a treat. The extra contrast makes the colors bright but not fancy, which has a positive effect. In gaming, the AOC C32G2ZE is not as clear as a high-resolution monitor during gaming, but it provides good contrast and color in all situations, and highlights details. It’s also fun to pass through enemies because their bats fly across the screen.

Call of Duty: World War II is very similar and has a good sense of reality.The contours of figures and faces are clear and natural. The street scene presents rich contrasts. Metal reflections and sweat beads are particularly noticeable. The colors of this game are also very bright.There are a lot of soft earth and green tones in the picture. We feel a bit great.

Video editing works normally. At 1080p, we can maximize the frame rate, up to 240 frames per second (frames per second). Measured by the frame counter of the AOC C32G2ZE monitor, the refresh rate is almost unchanged. The frame is broken or any hesitation. Input delay is hard to detect. The only sign of low pixel density on the  screen is slightly softer when moving fast. This is not due to blurry images on the LCD screen or saturation issues on the display, but due to the visible pixel structure.

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