Android vs iOS: Which is better?

When it comes to smartphones there are only two operating systems (OS) that come to our minds: Android and IOS. 

Android is software that was founded in Palo Alto, California in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. It was basically made for touch screen smartphones and tablets.

In the initial stage, android was developed for Digital cameras, later on, Android.Inc was bought by Google.Inc in the year 2005 since then it is the part of Google Incorporation.

The Android team at Google decided to make android Linux-based and open source. In 2008 HTC launched their first mobile with Android.

Till android 9 which is known as android pie, they dropped their dessert names of android and simply focused on numbers from Android 10.

The latest stable version of android is 11 and 12 is in the beta stage currently.

Apple launched IOS in 2007 with the first iPhone. Everyone still remembers Steve jobs introduced 1st iPhone holding in his hands. Apple considered IOS as OS X because back then the iPhone didn’t have that kind of fame which it is currently having.

The iPhone with iOS smartphone era is going to begin and it has changed the way we use mobile phones.

We can make phone calls with a few touches.

Before that, we had to struggle with the blackberry keypad phone. Apple released Its app store with the release of iOS 2.

It also contains an iPod feature so customers don’t have to waste their money on a separate iPod.

With the release of the iPhone, The mobile phone industry grew rapidly and never looked back. The latest version of iOS is 14.

Applications Store and app development

Applications categorization in Playstore is much better than iOS AppStore like entertainment, lifestyle, business, medical, etc. Appstore had also adopted the same categorization of applications recently.

In Playstore you will get push notifications for app updates whereas in AppStore you have to do it manually.

If we see from the developer perspective app development and getting approval for application is much easier than the iOS app store because the ios app store is laying more emphasis on quality assurance that’s why the iOS app store is much secured than the Google play store.

The developers also have to do customization, optimization, and testing because the Android application runs on different screen sizes, RAM, CPU lots of variety is there on Android whereas in iOS it is just for iPhone and iPad tablets.


It is Android of the biggest robustness till now. You can customize your android device with the help of widgets add shortcuts and make your custom layout,

even we can use 3rd party launchers to change the whole User interface and we can also install custom ROMs in android as well.

iOS 14 also released widgets customization but not up to the level of android.

Battery life

Battery life differs according to the device screen sizes, Processors, and many others factors. Android mobile manufacturers nowadays use Bigger screen sizes than the iPhone so automatically it requires a large battery size. So it’s up to our usage how we use our device.

But if you have to pick one android slightly takes an edge on iOS because Android shows particular app breakout of battery consumption and fast charging speed is increasing by manufacturers.

In the end, it is up to our users because the iOS variety is not that much but on the other hand, there is a huge variety of devices available in the android smartphone range.


When it comes to security Apple iPhone can top every list because Apple gives security as their topmost priority that’s why we cannot install 3rd party applications from unknown sources in the iPhone and that is the reason developers face difficulty in application approval in the AppStore.

Jailbreaking and rooting ios is very difficult. Android is also safe till you don’t go and download applications from outside(Google).

Google mines one’s personal data and gives us personalized ads for the marketing of different products.

Apple gives its topmost priority to security, So users’ personal data is not read by apple because it is all encrypted whereas in android only some data is encrypted,

lot of bloatware is also seen in android smartphones which cannot be seen in iOS.


Apple is consistent when it comes to system updates they give security and software updates in time. According to the Apple developer website 80% of iOS running on the latest operating.

Android lacks when it comes to software updates companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo, etc. only give UI updates they don’t give that many security patches.

Most android doesn’t have features to update Their android to the latest version because of specifications and many other reasons as well that’s why most of the android is not running on the latest operating system.


It is one of the biggest factors while making the decision when purchasing a smartphone. Android has a wide variety of devices according to everyone’s income, especially in India.

iPhone accessories are also too costly and nowadays they won’t provide a charger with iPhone 12 you have to buy it separately. The Android operating system is free so it automatically cuts down the cost of manufacturing whereas iOS is developed by Apple and it includes Operating system cost.

But we can’t ignore the fact that the iPhone resale value is much greater than android.

It’s up to people’s pockets, features, and other factors as well but if you have to pick one, the android smartphone is way ahead of iOS because the Android smartphone starts at a minimum of 5000 Rs.

Whereas iPhone lowest model like iPhone SE starts at around 35000 Rs. So, android is much more affordable than iOS.

Final conviction

Both android and iOS have Their Pros and cons. If you want a flagship smartphone and don’t want to compromise with the security you can go for iOS. If you like customization and looking for a mid-range smartphone that can give cutthroat competition to the iPhone you can also go for android flagship smartphones like the OnePlus and Samsung galaxy series. Different categories are important to different peoples so it’s up to people’s needs and tastes. However, it is very difficult to compare Both of these because both operating systems are feature-packed. So, in the end, I can say you can go for any of the operating systems according to your requirement because both the operating system are quite impressive.


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